Christian Response to Transgenderism | Dr James Anderson

To those who suffer from gender dysphoria and gender confusion in general. We need to cultivate in our churches the kind of Christian communities where people can share their struggles and confusions without fear of being rejected or ostracized. We must openly acknowledge that we are all broken people. The challenge for the church is walk the tightrope between, on the one hand, modeling healthy gender norms, and, on the other hand, not alienating people who struggle to align with those norms. I suggest it’s also important for us to distinguish between universal and cultural gender norms. We shouldn’t uncritically assume that what is regarded as normal for a man or a woman in our own culture signifies something essential to manhood and womanhood, lest we find ourselves making biblically unwarranted judgments about how people present themselves.

Concerning treatments for gender dysphoria, whatever we recommend (and there are various kinds of treatments available) should be consistent with our view that ontological sex rather than gender identity is normative for a person. That rules out attempts to change a person’s physiology to align with their psychology; the change should be in the opposite direction

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