Christian Life: filled with struggle (Matt Chandler)


a clip from “Passion 2015 Matt Chandler Talk”
Watch the full sermon here:

Aldo Christi

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  1. Chasty Hutchison says:

    I been struggling with coming back to Jesus Christ and His Spirit of Life, I struggle with the abuse I done to myself. I drifted away in darkness .

  2. H T says:

    Good job Matt. FYI though, Paul could NOT heal on demand. I just think Matt, got caught up in his excitement of preaching. Timothy was not healed 1 Timothy 5:23 and Epaphroditus Philippians 2:25-28

  3. Kaychu Gacha says:

    The worst part about being Christian is being depressed because you know for a fact that pretty much everyone you know is going to hell, even though you tried getting them to go to church. They think it’s boring…