China Demolition Of Christian Church (Persecution)

Conclusion moments persecution is intensifying as China destroys the nations most significant Christian Church also

Paul Begley

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  1. Khaos Inoculation says:

    Christian demolition of AMERICA.. < Ignored > Chinese defense from the same RETARDATION in their country  = Persecution? Christian logic.. GLAD we got the brain damage studies released on your religions. MORE TO COME.. You people are being PROVEN STUPID.. China is NOT our responsibility. Why don't you retards THINK AMERICAN before your Christian title. That is how easy to prove you scum are not Americans. Just like the FALL OF ROME.. Christians are RETARDING everything. Congrats!! Thanks to your ignoring of what Christians do to CAUSE these things? You people just provide even MORE evidence to the studies suggesting you people will be TREATED AS A MENTAL ILLNESS.

  2. TheDark Nite says:

    What about persecution by Christians? What about the Christian tendency to invade other people and try to convert them to Christ?  
    China tries to stop the rise of Christianity the same way Christian America wouldn't allow Communism or Islam to take over its country. Stop bitching your Christianity victim bullcrap!

  3. Ron Kinard says:

    This is sad that they would do this and many prayers for the believers! Have faith, God doesn't live in any building, we are His Temple, this "church" can be replaced! (The Body of Christ is The True Church) Maybe this will wake up "pre-tribbers" (the ones on the fence even) and let them see we are in the time of sorrows and THE Tribulation is upon us! We HAVE to endure the persecution and remain STRONG IN FAITH! We're in Good Hands, The Lord is with us, DON'T GIVE UP! Keep praying for ALL of God's Children to remain strong and faithful, keep LOOKING UP!~Heads UP!!


    God bless you, Pastor.  The physical destruction of the Church takes place on the Clock of Psalms I was shown by Jesus when He appeared to me in my home in the Spring of 2010.  Please read Psalm 74:5-9 and you will find a prophecy meant for us today.

    Using Daniel's Master Prophecy Number (2,520) and the start date Jesus gave me of December 17, 2010, we can see that ~This~ year is the year this passage in Psalms arrives on the Clock of the Four Night Watches.

    Dec 17, 2010 + ((2520 / 2461) x 1114) = JAN 2014
    (2,461 is the number of verses in the book of Psalms and Psalm 74:5 is the 1,114th verse of Psalms; the start date is Dec 17, 2010 and Daniel's Master Prophecy Number is 2,520, as I was instructed when Jesus appeared to me in the Spring of 2010)

  5. Watcher2014 says:

    You guys in that country can tell that to God one day soon why you destroyed that church of God, its your souls

  6. Watcher2014 says:

    China you will pay for that one day soon

  7. Roo M says:


  8. Franck Hough says:

    The LORD Jesus CHRIST is coming SO SOON for the Church! It is almost here!!

  9. LadyD1979 says:

    Pastor they tried to kill John by boiling him in hot oil, but it didnt work. I read in the book of martyrs.

  10. will nemms says:

    some guy from New York wants to put a satanic figure at the Oklahoma statehouse I believe from Dahboo77,because the ten commandments or there in a lawsuit currently I think he thinks he can put it there,how unreligious can a person be to put a satanic figure or a least try to

  11. darkpill says:

    Communism is bad for all people, not just Christians.  You only worrying about the Christians is very Christian of you.

  12. mr777davidben says:

    strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. "We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God," they said.

  13. Bonnie Wo says:

    We need to pray for all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Dear friends in China, we love you and pray for you.

  14. Tom Nguyen says:

    Is china like buddiest country? And is buddiest suppose to be about peace? Bs all works of the devil in disguise.

  15. sukruoosten says:

    russia is a god fearing country en may HE bless them

  16. gahoolio says:

    It's the Protestant Christians they are going after the worst.  Pray for the Christians in China!!!

  17. nhendrych says:

    That action –only made the faith stronger —even more people will join the faith ""forbid fruit test much better ""-Peace

  18. Elizabeth Langley says:

    the story reported the following: Local officials responsible for the demolition say the church was an illegal structure that was four times the permitted structure size. But Christian groups are concerned that the demolition signals an official campaign against religious organizations.
    The Sanjiang Church took 12 years and 30 million yuan ($4.7 million) to build, reports Chinese media. Its soaring spires were a symbol of worship in a city that is fifteen percent Christian.
    The church's demolition on Monday was preceded by a month-long standoff between supporters of the church and local authorities, with supporters occupying the church to protest its destruction.
     China's Catholics open up about faith Is Ariz. bill about Christians vs. Gays? 'Duck Dynasty' debate divides Christians
    The church was originally a government-approved project under the official "Three-Self Patriotic Movement," a state-sanctioned Protestant church. Last September it was lauded by the local government as a model engineering project.

  19. Doge Roge says:

    Good riddance. 

  20. King Jesus Bride says:

    Well, we are the temple of God. We are the church and they can't destroy us because Jesus lives in us.

  21. bhoyt62 says:

    John 15: 19
    If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

  22. irishsetterarchie says:

    Pray constantly, come Lord Jesus come!

  23. Archer720 says:

    The more the church in China is persecuted, the faster it will grow. Just like the early church. Persecution brings growth. Watch thousands convert to Christianity in China because of this.

  24. EndlessWonder says:

    Are they destroying the myry clay mixed with iron  churches? The Catholic church is pagan..not christian.

  25. Watcher2014 says:

    What fools 

  26. Watcher2014 says:

    That is what happens when you mix in 7th century mind set like radical Muslims with modern day 21st century people like us. We are dealing with ancient barbaric people in the middle east who think their moon God is the savior when it the devil himself who they worship   

  27. Charm Lu says:

    its nothing about religion, before its a church, it is a building and it was illegal, do your study first, China has christians everywhere, dont try to brain wash ppl on youtube

  28. Michael Haley says:

    Hello children of God, please pray that you are worthy of being taken to the kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

  29. impassable says:

    By the way, The Lord has brought revenge for those Christians who died in Egypt… Egypt just sentenced 529 followers of Morsi followers to death…