Charles D. Brooks – Two Preachers Who Quit Church

The Bible talks about preachers who quit. Who are these preachers? And what do they have to do with the reason that there are many denominations today?

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  1. Trevor Smith says:

    Might be the best preacher I ever heard

  2. paul bruce says:

    Elder Brooks was truly a man of GOD his ministry left a lasting impression on my life.

    And because of this I am very greatful to God for his ministry

  3. Roy Kennedy says:

    I started to listen to this preacher an YouTube 2015 I got baptized in 2016 may his soul rest in peace if it wasn’t for this man I would be somewhere else today Doing God know what God bless the seven day Adventist church

  4. Deloris Hodge says:

    great program options

  5. Douglas Rolle says:

    what a preacher !!!!

  6. John Marion says:

    God has blessed me through this Saint. …even beyond his grave. ..thank you for your service

  7. Nathlie Andrews says:

    he said the fish were sick . oh Lord.

  8. Nathlie Andrews says:

    nothing matters if your heart intent is wicked, if you truly mean well you will do well no matter what it looks like.

  9. Nathlie Andrews says:

    I can sing like that.

  10. Nathlie Andrews says:

    she better sang

  11. Joshua Maka says:

    Thank you brother for that wonderful words so bless by hearing this.