Catholic Spiritual Direction – How to Make Jesus the Center of One’s Life

As a priest for over 50 years, Father Stephen Valenta offers Spiritual Direction on a variety of the most often asked questions in spiritual direction. He speaks on the topic: “How to Make Jesus the Center of One’s Life”.


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  1. immaculateboy says:

    Beautiful. This is going to be a huge help for me

  2. INT James says:

    May God bless you Father Stephen Valenta and all that have brought this message it has been extremely helpful I thank you deeply with all my heart in Jesus and Mary

  3. LivingInJMJ says:

    Thank you so much Father. Please pray for me. I will pray for you.

  4. Santino Miller says:

    "Was" I meant to say. Excuse me.

  5. Santino Miller says:

    What's this back in the 90s?

  6. me 97 xx says:

    almighty god

  7. Brian Fox says:

    keep up the good work , you clarified a lot of things for me, brian , ireland

  8. Dana Ashlie says:

    Look at the title then seeing idols of Mary all around …Catholics who turn to their priest for forgiveness( rather than the Lord Himself…) are SINNING against God. The Vatican is evil beyond imagination and in the hands of Satan

  9. francis joe boulos says:


  10. T Sass says:

    Creepy kid fucker.

  11. sarah rice says:

    Beautiful <3

  12. Leelee M says:

    Thank you Father. You said it so well.

  13. Lynette M Crowley says:

    Carmelite Spirituality

  14. Fern ASMR says:

    AWWW Pope John Paul II was still pope when this video aired <3

  15. N. C. says:

    Thank you Father for the beautiful message. so simple, but powerful 🙂

  16. Teresa P says:

    Thank you Father . Beautiful and very helpful Spirtual Direction

  17. Elizabeth Haile says:

    I can now see why the Commander likes you Catholics

  18. Rosemarie O'Brien says:

    :"Thank You"  ever so much Father!  You have Blessed my life and I am sending this on to my friends so they may be blessed too!  May God continue to Bless you each new day with His Merciful Love and Kindness anew!!  3035  Rosemarie

  19. Jason Newsted says:

    egyik szemem sör, a másik feles