C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, Book 4 Beyond Personality or the Doctrine of the Trinity

Book 4 of Mere Christianity deals with the Doctrine of the Trinity and the move beyond ‘personality’. It is a clearly and unapolegtically theological turn. What Lewis seeks to do in this fourth of four books describing ‘mere’ Christianity is to illustrate how faith in Jesus Christ is the *only* way to be truly human.

It is important to see that the four books of Lewis’s Mere Christianity are logically connected, and that he is building not only a case for Christianity, but an introduction to the life of Christ. Book 1 explained that a ‘hard-wired’ sense of morality was a key to understanding *all* human behaviour. Book 2 argued that the only adequate explanation of the conflicting tendencies we observed in human morality and behaviour was belief in Christ. Book 3 described how Christianity transformed human morality into something superficially similar and yet fundamentally different from that of other religions and moral teachings. Book 4 to some degree returns to the leitmotifs of the 3 previous books, explaining how faith in Christ allows us to experience the beauty, truth, and goodness of our true humanity.

Mere Christianity is more than an explanation of Christian belief, it is an invitation to Christian life.

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