Breaking: Oct. 22 is Coming! Something Only Bible Prophecy Could Know! – Ark Of The Covenant- 2021

Breaking: Oct. 22 is Coming! Something Only Bible Prophecy Could Know! – Ark Of The Covenant- 2021

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  1. Kamryn Daniels says:

    yo on 22 october its my birthday

  2. SARAH Lion says:


  3. Harold Seah says:

    Okay, but the Bible declares expressly not to judge a man in relation to the Sabbath. I celebrate the Sabbath, but to make the claim that people who worship on Sunday are fallen or not really Christian is plainly unbiblical.

    Col 2:16-17 –– "Therefore let no one judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a feast, a New Moon, or a Sabbath. These are a shadow of the things to come, but the body that casts it belongs to Christ"

  4. William Gragilla says:

    I can't help but notice my previous posts aren't here. Curious. Anyway, the Pope's meeting with the President came and went, just like every other Papacy-President meeting, without any prophetic significance. Sooo, I told you so. Wish the SDAs would get over their Pope hang-up.

  5. It's all about the VIBE says:

    Why does the bible blackball the number 6 ? " the nmmr of the beast" are u afraid?

  6. Jerome Hazleton says:

    Jesus, I trust you as my savior.

  7. TD says:

    Hi Mark, would you be able to find me the right church, believing in the Sabbath and not Sunday? I live in Canberra Australia. Many thanks and blessings in Jesus name.

  8. Mandi die&batttler says:

    ty JESUS for cleansing my temple, i am so eternally greatful

  9. Mandi die&batttler says:

    1jn3;11 this message that ye heard from the beginning, we shld love one another, ( dont forget LOVE. ) love God 1st & w/all thyself & love thy brothren as thyself. , if we keep this commanment we will keep the rest

  10. Esther Keeling says:

    He makes bad predictions they fall through he keeps. Right on with new bad predictions. JUST PREACH THE WORD. THE BIBLE SAYS THE HEAVENS IS HOLDING THE LORD UNTIL THE TIMES OF RESTITUTION.

  11. Nunya Beezkneeze says:

    Did we miss it?

  12. Ruth MacKenzie says:

    This series was postponed to Nov 6 2021. It starts this Sabbath evening

  13. Ed Aguirre says:

    There are 613 laws from the handwriting of Moses in the Torah from Genesis to Deuteronomy which include the Ten Commandments at Sinai.
    Jesus brought forth the moral law into the New Testament ( at least 5 commandments from the Decalogue), but not the sabbath which was ceremonial. It being a foreshadowing of Christ according to Colossians 2: 16, 17, pointed to him, and so has nothing to do with the gospel and the gentiles.
    Adventists are so entangled with the Old Testament law that they are guilty of subverting or minimizing the Commandments of Christ which supersede the laws mediated through Moses.
    Jesus demonstrated the preeminence of his words over Moses when he said, "Moses said… but I say unto you…"
    Adventists are indoctrinated to emphasize the Ten Commandments because their leader Ellen White did and told her followers to keep the sabbath day. They believe she was a prophet and trust her unverified testimony. Some of them at least say that they don't follow Ellen White, but the fact that there is no New Testament commandment to keep the sabbath day proves that they do.

  14. royal priest says:

    According to the Bible, this false prophet should be stoned.

  15. azsventures says:

    God bless this video.

  16. azsventures says:

    Can you send to Philippines? The great controversy… Book.

  17. azsventures says:

    507 N 35th Ave., Yakima WA

  18. No God says:

    I clicked on this link on Oct 29, 2021. Just an ordinary day but I remember on Oct 22nd, I whacked my meat twice. Oh god, it was amazing.

  19. gowd sake says:

    Going to admit your fucking WRONG AGAIN ?

  20. Dawn Brown says:

    Jesus I trust you as my savior

  21. Dawn Brown says:

    Please pray for me im going thru a spiritual warfare I think someone has done witchcraft/satanic rituals on me. Mind control

  22. Corinne Kiss says:

    We’ll the 22nd has come & gone my friend. Nothing.

  23. Tilly Baker says:

    October 22- 2021???????????????? never set a date my brother; we know the King of Heaven is coming soon, but we do not know the date, we know the season but NEVER the day.

  24. Poppinoffthewalls says:

    Jesus I trust you as my Lord and Savior and give all glory and praise to you and the Father ❤️

  25. jarvis gaming says:

    Jesus I Trust You as my Saviour

  26. DJ GK says:

    Jesus I trust you help me to get it together THANK U