Bishop Robert Barron: "Religion and the Opening Up of the Mind" | Talks at Google

Bishop Robert Barron speaks at Google HQ about religion and the opening up of the mind. Bishop Barron is the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Bishop Barron is a #1 Amazon bestselling author and has published numerous books, essays, and articles on theology and the spiritual life, in addition to his regular YouTube videos (@wordonfirevideo).

Bishop Barron discusses how our minds restlessly seek, and how religion, at its best, never shuts down the mind, but opens it up. He explores the nature of “beatitudo”, following the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas to conclude that wealth, power, pleasure, and honor will never satisfy, but only God can satisfy the infinite desires of our hearts.

Talks at Google

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  1. vakudibear defender says:

    Some undeniable points.

  2. R.E. Gamache says:

    Great talk! Just one comment – I don't think I heard the name "Jesus Christ" once. It seems to me that if we desire to know God or the path of love, we need to know the person of Christ. Otherwise, I believe, for many people, God is just an abstract concept.

  3. Marnel Go Tuble says:

    Very nice explanation by Bishop Robert Barron. I have been using some of his YouTube videos (including this one) in my classes. He makes St Thomas Aquinas and Bernard Lonergan SJ easily understandable to the students.

  4. JG OLIVEIRA says:

    222ww11 – There are no Protestants; there are NEW CREATURES cfm John 3: 3-7 combined with that contained in 2 * Corinthians 5: 16,17. In fact, unlike the New Creature in Christ Jesus (= and not devoted to the dead or the illustrious deceased), the religious is not absolutely sure that he is saved and, worse, pretends not to understand the warnings of the Lord Jesus in John 12 : 48, which deal with the rules that will guide the Last Judgment.

    Spiritual blindness is so abysmal for religious, including the clergy of the Church (the pope always bows and kisses a big doll at Christmas, because he thinks he is the baby Jesus against 2 * Corinthians 5:16), that you do not they can PERCEIVE that, for example, ALL the Words of God mentioned above ARE SUMMARY in a SINGLE warning of the Lord Jesus Christ quoted at the end of John 14: 6, in which it is written that NO ONE GOES TO THE FATHER WITHOUT JESUS'S HELP !! Now, I ask you: do you think that the worshipers = venerators (= Aurélio) of the illustrious deceased or Saint Joseph, Saint George or Father Cicero can receive something from God, if they despise the Risen One of John 14: 6 and 1 * Timothy 2: 5 and give credit to those dead ?! Nonsense !! And do you not suspect that the clergyman of the Catholic Church knows that they are in the practice of idolatry in obedience to the Babylon of Revelation ?!
    Keep this well: cf Deuteronomy 7:26 behind ALL the IMAGES in veneration in homes, caves, chapels and churches there are the presence of demons, because they are lies !!
    Look at the New Birth there, people!

  5. Anthony Jones says:

    Per von Balthasar, doxological monotheism…

  6. 085denis says:

    Bishop Barron talks too much , that's the problem , a false teacher of the word

  7. George Gomez Gomez says:

    are we catholics practicing paulinism or catholicism big doubt Christ was born a jew and died a jew.

  8. J B Garcia says:

    I googled if Bishop Barron said the name of Jesus in this talk and nothing showed up. Bishop Barron, for almost an hour, talks to the group to seek true happiness which can not be anything less than Beatitudo. But who is Beatitudo? His name is Jesus Christ!

  9. Name Removed says:

    Thank you Google Founders for having Bishop Barron speak to the company.



  11. Cindy Hipple says:

    Consorting with Google…wow…judged by the company you keep…suppress it's of free speech

  12. NSHIMIRIMANA Renatus says:

    Thanks a lot father. It gives me an idea of a true Catholic Bishop capable of addressing the whole world as the one people of God. My self I learn much of the dynamism of the search of my mind and heart. The same I suppose even to a nonbeliever or who makes himself so. The video blows my mind for I confounded in many way the satisfying happiness with pleasure, honor, power ; the good in the will and the truth that the mind searches. This video brightens in my struggles for the questions that troubles the society in this 2021

  13. VIDA VIDA says:

    If you all really want a revolution, cutting off supply lines seems to be the the most rational way to approach this, why not undermine Mainstream Media, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Google Etc…By not using there platforms and creating your own…. You're probably thinking that's impossible, no its not. Unless you want censorship and the rich to become gilded age rich, then keep it up. And if that not possible-because I'm an idiot(this is true) , use means of attrition by not using those platforms for One (1) month , Fabian tactics might be a great alternative, see what happens, what do you have to loose. I am an outsider looking in, and this is just my opinion on how I see things, but remember I am a idiot and know nothing.

  14. Susan Taylor says:

    Thank you!

  15. joseph Johnson says:

    I don't understand the references to the "ape, aip" of the church. Can anyone explain it to me?

  16. Zuschauer says:

    I find that brilain. The catholic church always supported progressive and analytic thinking. Hurray to them for being so progressive and scientific.

  17. Buzz Ledoux says:

    Fake Shepard! Never mention Jesus one time! Never mentioned the Pope. Never mentioned Mother Mary!

  18. bannana says:

    If you are watching this for a school assignment just open the transcript which is in the 3 dots next to save then use ctrl + f to search up words in the transcript for when he talks about what you need to know about

  19. Ben Quinney says:

    Excellence is a habit

  20. Paul Kiernan says:

    When the Vatican now exhibits blasphemous Christmas Nativity scene and without any Jesus all is clear about the apostacy at the top.
    But why all our silent passive cardinals and bishops?

  21. BereanJenn says:

    The man who should be pope…

  22. Ray Smith says:

    Soooooooo good.

  23. MacNmey says:

    Our eternal quest to be unconditionally happy (at peace, etc;) The very reason we all have this eternal desire within us is because of how God made us. I really appreciated that he mentioned instead of going to great effort to extinguish that "flame" (ie Buddhism) , but rather that we embrace it and direct it towards the place it was meant to be,…getting God inside of us, so we can thus give God to others.

    When God created, he made all creatures according to their own kind, the fish, the birds, the cattle etc; according to their own kind. However, when God made man He did not make man according to man's own kind, rather God made man in the image and likeness of…God. In other words according to God-kind. The bible also tells us that man is a "vessel". So, we are a vessel, made in the image and likeness of…God. It is no wonder that man is unsatisfied with attempting to achieve unconditional happiness with worldly things…wealth, power, etc, that only offer us a temporary "thrill". Yes, we are made, designed, formed, shaped, meant, to have God inside our vessel. We spend our lives trying to cram all sorts of other things in there,….but only God is a perfect fit. Just as a glove is a container in the shape and form of a hand, and outwardly looks like a hand,..if it does not have the hand inside of it, it has no real purpose, function, or expression of life. If the glove could speak it would say it is not satisfied until someone puts a hand inside and fills it up. We are in the shape and form of God. Without God inside of us, we do not have proper purpose, function, or life.

    Jesus said…."I AM the Life." …"I am the bread of Life….he who eats Me (takes me in) shall live because of Me,..the words I speak are spirit and life." This in fact is how we actually get God inside of us. God came to us in the from of humanity in the man Jesus. When Jesus went to the cross, He not only removed the barrier of sin in our lives, but He also resurrected becoming the "life giving Spirit" so He could get inside of us (joining THE Spirit, with our spirit.) THIS is how we come into that joining of ourselves and God. This is how our vessel, made in that image and likeness of God becomes filled and fulfilled,…and leads to unconditional contentment, fulfilled purpose, and proper function.