Billy Graham – Is the handwriting on the wall, America?

Critical message for our present day. Is there any hope for America?
Urgent, timeless message from Rev Graham more relevant today than ever before.

Our Only Hope

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  1. Angelica-Mixon Michael says:

    God you made a great man out of this Man. I don't care if his folks don't like me for his suffering to become great through pain and shame. I love him, I believe in my heart he is not in the grave. He is with you! ~ Angelica-Mixon Michael.

  2. Alemtefera Tefera says:

    God bless Billy grham

  3. Renate Johansen says:

    Ay vont godt

  4. Sheena Critipaul says:

    Salvation prayer

    If The Holy Spirit is convicting you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour of your life, repeat this prayer with your mouth and believe it in your heart.

    Dear Father, I come to You today, in reverence before You. I recognize that Jesus Christ is Your Only Begotten Son. I know that He died on a cross and He payed the penalty for the sins that I commited. I well deserve punishment. I know that He came back to life and is alive forevermore. I ask You Lord to come into my heart. Lord Jesus, search me. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit to teach me things and to tell me what’s right and wrong. Jesus, You are my Lord and my Saviour, all the days of my life. You are The One True God, and forever You will reign! In Jesus’s name I ask all this, amen.

    Friends, you have now become a Christian, a Believer!!! The angels in Heaven are rejoicing with you!!! Live a life pleasing unto The Lord. Read The Bible, and God will tell you what to do. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Jesus Christ is coming soon, my brothers and sisters! The rapture will happen soon, be prepared!!!

  5. Ruwani Iddamalgoda says:

    Amen from Philip (Sri Lanka)

  6. Enock Williams Badwe says:

    even due you are death but the word's you speak about Jesus is still changing life's glory be to God

  7. Wilson Umukoro says:

    We need this kind of messenger today….I m so touched by him….

  8. Dale Prater says:

    I think this is the best message i ever heard Billy preach .

  9. Dale Prater says:

    How many real Christians do we have out there? Now im not talking about people who just go to church. Im talking about Christians who live the word of God and dont live like the devil. There are to many people who have deceived them selves thinking they are getting by living like the devil yet saying they are Christians when they know they are playing Church. Be sure your sin will find you out. God is angry with the wicked every day.

  10. Rudy Texas says:

    The evangelism has left Billy Graham

  11. Dick Head says:

    Go fuck yourself

  12. Sthitha Pragnya says:

    Praise God.
    Dear Listeners please ask God to raise Holy persons like Billy Graham to teach the proper word of God to receive Jesus as their personal saviour.

  13. the Smith says:

    Although Billy is right that he or any christian will appear at the White Throne Judgment with those who are lost we will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. But it is not to determine rather we get to go to Heaven or not. It is where we will be judged for the things we didn't do that He told us to do or to be judged for things we did do that we were not to do. And it is where we receive our rewards. And the things promised to us. But we will be tried by fire. Every time we accepted the glory that belonged to God will burn up like straw and hay in a fire. But like precious stones when we gave Him the glory and did things for the right reasons.

  14. MENG WAH YEE says:

    I heard somewhere where Billy Graham was preaching his best but did not feel the power of God. Someone advised him to preach the cross and he followed that advice since and preached with great oower.

  15. TheWordprophet says:

    This man, William Graham, preached to millions throughout his lifetime that the judgment of God is coming, and that men needed to repent…but sadly, he never told one single person how to be saved from his sins by the gospel of Christ.

    He was a Jesuit agent, who worked for the Pope of Rome, and purposely deceived millions of souls with the false gospel that he preached (which is no gospel).

    He earned many rewards from his father the devil, but they avail him nothing now, for he is burning in hellfire and will never know anything but the unbearable torment of hell.

  16. diriba enjigu says:

    father is the father of bible very good

  17. Loredana Alina Murariu says:

    How wonderful to see such great numbers of people flocking to hear the Word of God. It does makes me wonder though if even half the amount would turn up in this day. In this Information Age when people think they know everything they need to, who still thirsts for the TRUTH?!?

  18. Darlah Kelley says:

    Watching 2❤19

  19. Suzan H says:

    Excellent messages, thank you.

  20. Luqman - says:

    Why do Christians have such superstitious beliefs just like pagans ? This in 21st century.

    1. Original Sin invented by Saint Augustine in 300 AD.
    Nothing to do with Jesus.
    2. Catholic Trinity invented in 1545 AD at the Council of Trent and then adopted by Protestants with no underlying proof. Protestant always claim to be restoring the very early Church.

    Ask Orthodox Christians, Nestorian Christians, Gnostic Christians, and Arian Christians because they do not believe in three equal gods common in Greek and Roman paganism. It is nothing like what Jesus taught as an Orthodox Jew.


    I want Christ for his mercy , bless me and guide me everyday
    Love you and trust you Lord, our God and Savior
    In Jesus Christ name Amen+++

  22. retard crackhead says:

    Good Work

  23. Peace Maker says:

    Billy Graham's voice was so powerful with The Holy Spirit. The voice has the remarkable Power of God. It touched every single heart…Hallelujah!

  24. joshua Raii says:

    The moment when people are coming to accept Jesus
    My heart broke down
    Jesus Christ my Lord my Savior my redeemer