Bible verses

Bible verses thatI hope will touch and encourage us in difficult times. God Bless!

Jerry Lim

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  1. Hervien Lopu says:

    Praise The Lord Jesus

  2. BibleJournalCrafts says:

    If you read the Biblle you will see that Saint Paul says to parents not mislead or mistreat children. They should teach children the Truth. However, every parent wants the best for their children

  3. ray molina says:

    amen praise the lord

  4. Mason Kronk says:

    But you all will probably just come up with stupid excuses of how this is stupid or some crap like that or maybe some of you with a brain will see the truth. If you want to shoot message me we will talk.

  5. Mason Kronk says:

    Atheists always trying to hate on God because something bad happened in there life to the point that they think there is no God and why he did this to you well it's called free will you idiots God did nothing to you accept give you life and he only gives good things to you and don't say stuff like nothing in your life's good a lot of things in your life is good, but why even try to change if mind about god you all are probably gonna take the mark of the beast anyway, read some of the bible a

  6. MrandMrsMilo says:

    Yes, christians need to die so they shall walk in peace in heaven, not in pieces.

  7. MrandMrsMilo says:

    Have you thought about the high insurance costs if you did?

  8. Hammy Swanson says:

    I second that notion! christianity needs to die like all false antiquated ideologies must die

  9. Brandon Garza says:

    Eric gibb I hope you may find The Lord and you are in my prayers buddy

  10. Caleb Hollingsworth says:

    same. do you have a xbox 360 if you do my gamertag is caramelraptor3

  11. Caleb Hollingsworth says:

    yeah but glad to know your a christian, or cathlic

  12. Caleb Hollingsworth says:

    i don't know if you know but ive been on youre subscription and you been on my subscription

  13. Caleb Hollingsworth says:

    true so true PRAYSE GOD

  14. Caleb Hollingsworth says:

    yeah i respect the lord to and eric gibb is wrong

  15. Caleb Hollingsworth says:

    God is the one who created you. if you hate god then you can go to church and learn about jesus. theres power in the lord.

  16. Eric Gibb says:

    god is a fag

  17. nicole carter says:

    Love thy Neighbours,pray for your enemy

  18. Brian Lee says:

    May i ask how do you know that this deformed child is abandoned by God through the Bible? No one is abandoned by God, we abandon Him. God continuously asks us to be in a loving relationship with him, but we are the ones who choose to refuse the invitation. God never will or even could abandon us because of his amazing love for his children.

  19. Ahmad says:

    Jesus is god how? how can you kill a person and call him god? its just stupid

  20. MrKeefuh says:

    @tortolene God's Law> Man's Law. Always.

  21. blaby4ever says:

    ….hey this song was from the anime romeo x julliet lol but in female version

  22. yurika guda says:

    favorite bible verse 0:59

  23. Ellis Poleyko says:

    halljilullia or how ever you spell it.

  24. H Smith says:

    SO very well done. Thank you! Do you have more?

  25. theodas says:

    Simply awesome!!

  26. DPmp9 says:

    What is this Song? Wats the name of it?