Bible verses / humility/ end of the age preparations for th

This was a short video as I am getting my “end of the age armor” prepared – I have to finish the armor and get rid of the rest of my possessions (which is almost done)

And then I shall wait patiently at Wisdom’s door and seek “THE FACE OF THE MOST HIGH” –

Very soon as I come out of the fire – I shall once again put my hand to the plow – never looking back . And I shall go wherever GOD leads me

I’m hoping on an “EXODUS” – but we shall see — stay strong and keep your lamps burning

One thing is for sure — we can’t stay in a land that has abandoned GOD

There are still some good people in the land but the enemy has acquired Almost every position of authority from the highest offices to the janitors – & -much innocent blood has been spilled here – And they are planning a holocaust against the people –

Do we fight ?
Or do we walk away ?

A question to the children of the resurrection :

What is America ?

Is it a rendezvous for us and the wicked ?

There are many more questions- questions that need answers – but we shall address these later – I must work while my back is strong

Talk to ya later

As much as I Love America –


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