#Bible study with #Mormons at #BandOfBrothersAK in #Wasilla #Alaska

On 02/28/2020 I get a knock on my door, it was them kids in suits and ties, asking me if I want to have my family in Heaven. YOU GUESSED IT, it was two Mormon #missionaries from Idaho, not asking if I know #Jesus but if I want to reunited with my family in Heaven. I told them I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and that I’d love to talk more with them so I invited them to my clubs
( #DiscipleChristianMC ) weekly bible study so I can asked them all the questions I hear about the #LDS church. Elder Banner and I exchanged phone numbers and they went on to the next door.
Elder Garcia and Elder Banner showed up to our bible study at the Band of Brothers in Wasilla, Alaska. This video is what went down.

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  1. Gina Miller says:

    Gal. 1:6-9. Yes. I hope you meet with these elders again & continue to plant seeds. Mormon doctrine contradicts the Bible. These young men may not even know yet.

  2. Kara says:

    I grew up lds.. after 32 years I no longer am a member and woke up. Please research this religion and who Joseph Smith really is if you sincerely are looking for truth. the book of mormon is a work of fiction. They do not teach the same gospel of the bible. They trick and contort the truth. The poor missionaries only regergetate what they are taught. They think it's TRUE because they repeated it so many times throughout their lives. My entire family is still lds and it's hard to see them think that they have to earn their way to salvation. They think by works they will be sent to the highest kingdom to be like God.. but wasnt that the devils thinking? To be higher than all the stars of heaven? Joseph was the highest ranking level Mason and he stole the occult handshakes and tokens and rituals.. Christ taught in the open and didnt teach of any such thing to do in order to "pass through the veil" when you die. Joseph Smith dabbled in the occult and "found gold" with a seer stone. The book of mormon was made from a few different stories and books and at times copied straight verse by verse from king James bible. Heres an example of what I mean: http://wordtree.org/thelatewar/

  3. Marshiela Banner says:

    As parents of Elder Banner, we express appreciation for the civility and kindness extended to Elder Banner and his companion as they shared their testimonies of Jesus Christ. What a great example of mutual respect and Christ like love!

  4. John Olsen says:

    So stupid

  5. James Disciple Johnson says:

    These guys are super cool for agreeing to this meet up, man yall are tough lol

  6. James Disciple Johnson says:

    Much respect to these guys. Right off the bat Dropcall was super cringy. Nothing wrong with establishing common ground and trust