Bible Prophecy Happening Right Now in the Middle East?

Is Bible Prophecy happening right now in the Middle East? When most see the recent actions of Iran and Turkey they think the Middle East is falling apart. But is it actually falling into line with what the Bible has predicted right from the start. Has the prophecy in Daniel 8 started to be fulfilled? What are the implications for the near future of the Middle East?
To Learn even more about what the Bible says about Middle Eastern nations in the end times watch our series on the book of Daniel

Nelson Walters

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  1. Durius Wulkins says:

    This makes me think of Albert Pike’s letter to Manzini about the three world wars. The Third World war is a war between Judaism and Islam. Where they mutually destroy one another

  2. Corinne W says:

    3.5 years tribulation.
    Abomination of desolation and stoppage of daily sacrifices in Jerusalem.
    2.5 years great tribulation.
    Rapture. (Judgment by faith).
    1 yr Wrath of God.
    2nd coming.
    Caging of Satan and his angels in bottomless pit.
    1,000 year reign of Jesus.
    Opening bottomless pit.
    Gog of Magog battle.
    Final judgment (white throne judgment – judgment by works).


  3. A Hofer says:

    Joel Richardson has pointed to the Antichrist coming out of Turkey for quite a few years now

  4. Tammy Kletecka says:

    Wow that was a stretch.

  5. Nancy Db says:

    June 2021. Elections being held in Iran this week for the third king.

  6. John Barney says:

    Oh boy, this video is a longshot but we are going to find out.

  7. Jim Adler says:

    Watching in 2021 and it’s amazing

  8. Mike Uptegrove says:

    What I find curious is that Turkish news reported that the blocking of the Suez Canal that happened a month back, wasn’t the World Economic Forums’ doing, part of, “Dark Winter”, and their planned disruption of the food supply, but rather it was Turkey and Russia coordinating to stop Gates’ weather control chemicals from being delivered. So what I’m wondering is, if the anti-Christ comes out of Turkey, and the NWO/WEF are just elite wannabe demons, why are these two evils at battle when their goals seem to be linked? You said in a previous video that vaccine passports and the tracking software wasn’t the Mark of the beast, but might likely be adopted later by the beast…okay, so why would Turkey and Russia intervene to stop the megalomaniac scum pushing the vaccines and tracking apps?

  9. Voice in the wilderness. says:

    Nelson can you do a video on why Islam ☪️ is the fastest growing religion on earth? Why is it so popular? I heard a friend say the reason it’s so popular, is because it agrees with man’s natural disposition. Is there any truth to this? Surely there is more to it than that.

    I hope to hear what you have to say. -John

  10. Amber Palmer says:

    You say that the ant -christ will be middle eastern, islamic and muslim but the bible predicts that islam will be destroyed see psalm 83, isiah 17 and ezeikle 38
    these passages in the predict that islam will be destroyed by isreal in the psalm 83 war and by God in eziekle 38 war.So after islam is destroyed and no longer a threat to anyone.Then the ant-christ from europe will move into the middle east and seize control of all the oil in the middle east and take
    control of most of the world.

  11. Carolyn Barr says:

    @29:00 the dream

  12. Bill Gold says:

    Jeremiah 49:35…. I will break the bow of Elam…… Scatter them to all nations….. Leaving room for Turkey to control….? GODBLESS

  13. Cheryl Edwards says:

    When the Terrorist regime uses chemical weapons against Israel…Israel in turn will Nuke the Bastards with Fire ! This is what the aislamic state wants ! To Burn ! Why ? The devil has blinded the dedicated islamic people ,and they Hate Israel for Nothing !

  14. Cheryl Edwards says:

    The actual name of the Antichrist is ;. ". Hajij Hussein Halil" ,he was born in 1950. He is 70 yrs old ,and is presently a peace negotiator in the United Nations world council. Pope Francis is the False prophet of the Antichrist ,and must introduce this man of Sin to the world .! He is alive and ready to come to power and attempt to decide the whole world of mankind.

  15. Tamara Bruce says:

    Interesting but how can a middle eastern antichrist influence the west to the point of not buying or selling without a mark of the beast?

  16. noonars1 says:

    Nelson this is brilliant the concern is Iran it has th e bomb which reminds me of something in the Old Testament about days being cut short or else no flesh will service and as they stood their eyes would disparate into their sockets which sounds like nuclear war

  17. Andy Web says:

    Is the single horn a ICBM by any chance? 🙁 …with a you-know-what kinda payload.

  18. George S says:

    You have not a clue of the Bible.

  19. Gabriel Tomoiaga says:

    Excelent video.God bless you

  20. Sara Robinson says:

    Thank you brother for sharing the insights the Lord is giving you and PTL for them!
    Just a thought about the ram with two horns: my understanding is that the ram (Iran) has had two horns since the 1970s when the Shah was deposed and ayatollah Khomeini took over. With the reigning ayatollah being bigger than the president/prim minister, the religious horn is more powerful than Iran's political horn.

  21. JPT says:

    Thank you thank you!

  22. Cordell Ross says:

    I reread Daniel last night, and was thinking about this. I think you are onto something here. Thanks for your insight. God help and protect us all.

  23. Lawrence Grott says:

    Hi Nelson. I'm re-watching this again and something stuck out to me. It may mean nothing. But the bible says the goat, "attacks the ram with rage WITHOUT TOUCHING THE GROUND." Could that be an indication of the nature of the attack? Instead of it being described as "quick", it actually is describing the means. If I'm correct, then it would mean solely an air attack, possibly with a combination of missiles and planes and not ground forces. Then after the 2 horns of the ram are shattered ground forces could possibly move in. It could be a way of verifying that this is the attack the bible is speaking of and not another war/conflict. I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for your content.

  24. Warriors For Jesus says:

    The False Doctrine of the New Apostolic Reformation Movement NAR

    A New ‘Reformation’ That Many Don’t Realize They’ve Joined

    Steve Bannon is pushing for  The New coming Pope who will be the Phalse Prophet and Trump is the beast

  25. Warriors For Jesus says:

    The Antichrist is here and you have been warned!!!!
    Leaders Rabbis and Sanhedrin are  worshiping Trump as their Messiah
    For  2000 years the Jews have never  called someone The Messiah, Their Messiah
    The Jewish Rabbis Leaders  are calling Trump  "Our  Messiah",
    "Our  Messiah of the Universe" "Our  King Cyrus"
    Trump's Gematria name
    "424 ="Our Messiah son Son of David" "Our God's angel of  light"

    Rabbis are  sacrificing  Animals again on the temple mount  after 2000 and they thanked  Trump for it

    Evangelicals Trump's cult Idolatry

    They are calling him 
    " The Word Became Flesh"
    " I saw Trump on the right hand of God in heaven"
    “Jesus Died For Your Sins. The Least You Can Do Is Die For Trump’s Economy.”
    "I saw Trump ridding a Gold and Diamonds  horse next to Jesus"
    Trump's Horn of Power Will Be Exalted"
    "Our Best ever"  "The Chosen one"
      "Our Savior" " The Annointed One"
    "He is like the second coming of Jesus"
    "He has the power to destroy any nation"
    "He is the light of the world."
    "If  I have to choose between Jesus and Trump I choose Trump for the truth, even if Jesus come down from the cross"
    "if you condemn Trump with accusation of a Sexual Predator, a Racist, corruption, bigotry,  you are committing BLASPHEMY"

    Here is what the bible says about The-An AntiChrist
    He will be a financial and political genius.(Deceiving People with lies)
    In Daniel 7, he is referred to as the "man of sin, the "little horn." Daniel wrote, "This horn possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering great boasts."

    He will be boastful and egotistical, a megalomaniac in his quest for world power. He will come preaching peace. But Daniel says, "through peace he will destroy many" (Dan. 8:25).

    His authority will be overpowering, his hatred intense, his political techniques first rate. The news media will not be able to resist covering his every move and pronouncement—however outrageous.

    He will be a master deceiver, able to make many people think good is bad and bad is good. During his administration, everyone will receive an ID number. You won't be able to buy food or anything else unless you have this government-issued ID.  Here is a video

    You may be thinking, "He won't deceive me!" The Bible says, "He will deceive the very elect, if it were possible."

    The Antichrist's extraordinary ego will soak up the adulation and worship from his followers. Like his father the devil, what he ultimately wants is worship.

    Here is what Trump has shown
    When asked " Have you ask God for forgiveness?"

    "I like to be good. I don't like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good. I don't do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad."

    he does not regret never asking God for forgiveness, partially because he says he doesn't have much to apologize for

    He has  never repented and don't bring God into it he doesn't feel the need to ask for forgiveness.

    White Evangelicals Trump's cult  are  just like 1933 Germany

    In 1933, 5 years prior to the annexation of Austria into Germany, the population of Germany was approximately 67% Protestant and 33% Catholic, Historically the German Evangelical Church viewed itself as one of the pillars of German culture and society, with a theologically grounded tradition of loyalty to the state. During the 1920s, a movement emerged within the German Evangelical Church called the Deutsche Christen, or "German Christians." The "German Christians" embraced many of the nationalistic and racial aspects of Nazi ideology. Once the Nazis came to power, this group sought the creation of a national "Reich Church" and supported a "nazified" version of Christianity.

  26. David Bowen says:

    Hebrew names are important clues. Yavan was the fourth son of Noah’s son Japheth (Yapeth). In Sanskrit it means quick and swift (like a leopard). It also means mixing and mingling (like iron and clay?). In Biblical Names: Javan (Yavan) means “deceiver; one who makes sad”. One site (Abarim Publications) notes it meaning mire, mud man. His brother is Madai or Media.

  27. Kathleen Copeland says:

    The jews are now in lockdown with their Messiah, ie: antichrist
    Are the judaic and Islamic Messiah competing or are they one and the same?

  28. Irene Fernandez says:

    Wow… Thank you… Want to know more. As you said, am going to the Book of Daniel

  29. D Arant says:

    Noticed…at 25,50… Erdogan has a red bell in his left ear. Very weird

  30. Mr.JerrysChannel says:

    The Single Horn Goat destroying Iran ,is the Reelected Donald J. Trump and B2 Stealth Bombers from the USA Nuking the Nation of Iran out of existence , Trump if Reelected and i think he will be , He hates Iran , and he Killed that Iranian Leader , what that general so why wouldn't he just go ahead and finish off I ran , i think that is very Possible , the United States would come the West , and with the Bombers that the United States have , they could do with ever touching the ground isn't that Possible ?

  31. NoBunkBibleProphecy says:

    4:00 And here is a reason why God uses the ancient names. Had he said, "…said nation will be called 'The Islamic Republic of Iran", Satan would have made sure Khomenei named it something different.

  32. Christopher Skipp says:

    Greece fits the goat much better than your theory in this video.

  33. 1moderntalking1 says:

    Biggest load of rubbish ever! This is heresy!

  34. Ray ray says:

    I just don't understand what all this has to do with forced testing of virus in America people being forced to wear a mask and everything against there will and tested or you can't stay working

  35. Antjuan McGhee says:

    King Corona is ruling the whole world and all religions.

  36. Antjuan McGhee says:

    Our presidents and Is real are Hitlerist leader especially during this plandemic.

  37. Antjuan McGhee says:

    It is possible but what if it don't?Let's wait and see.

  38. Antjuan McGhee says:

    Whoh to you who worship the creatures instead of the CREATOR; not hi people but HIM.

  39. Antjuan McGhee says:

    You will know them by there works.Who dropped that tactical nuke on Lebonan;and no one dare say a word.But announced it a week before and in 2018 they announced it and showed u the picture of the very place they nuked …

  40. Antjuan McGhee says:

    You are blind:Suadi Arabia has all but designated Yemen with the US;Yemen is made up of Christians,Torah keeping Hebrews(Written Laws of Moses)not the evil Traditions of men or Rabbis Tal-mud;and finally:Islam all living together peacefully those left fight to free the land of the Hate -mongering Saudis and US proxy ISIS.US has taken all the natural wealth of Iraq,Syria,Lebonan,and most of Africa:Seeks to do the same with Iran with the help of the Apostate Isreal: "You say you are Jews;But I say you are not": Revelation:Jesus.

  41. Vaiyv Varghese says:

    Do you think the Arab nations will be part of the 4th beast? I was looking at the expanse of the Babylonian, Assyrian, Medo-Persian, Grecian, Roman and Ottoman empires and what I noticed was that none of the present day Arab nations were ever part of it. The only Middle East nations who formed part of erstwhile empires were Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya. Ironically even though they are all Muslim nations, they are not Arabs (even the Arabs see these peoples as different from them.)
    I found this important because I wrongly harboured anti-Arabic sentiments, wrongly placing them as the nations agreeing with the Antichrist. It doesn't help that there was much popular Christian consensus on this. Adding to this was the fact that the Arab nations were also anti-Israel in present times, which reinforced my anger towards them. However, with the recent declaration of peace between the UAE and Israel (with rumours of Bahrain, Oman and maybe even Saudi Arabia planning to join), it has made me realise that I was wrongly demonizing the Arabs. In the end times, it's noteworthy that Daniel mentions that the goat and the ram will invade these nations and bring them under their control.
    The Arab nations are getting increasingly wary of Iran and Turkey and have realised that Israel is a far safer foe than Iran/ Turkey- both of who have started getting more aggressive recently- which explains their changed hearts towards Israel.
    For some reason, I thought it was the sons of Ishmael who would persecute the sons of Isaac. But when I re-read how God blessed Ishmael, it makes sense. I doubt now they were ever the real enemy.