Bible Prophecy and the Coming Muslim anti-Christ

The Christian Bible and Christian Bible Prophecy predict that in the end times the Antichrist, a beast, an dreaded evil man, more evil than any who ever walked the earth in history, will be thrust upon the world scene, and that billions of people on planet earth will die between natural cataclysms and those killed by the Antichrist–including gruesome beheadings for those who refuse to bow to his religious-government system.

Millions of American evangelicals believe that the Antichrist will rise from Europe from a ‘born again’ Roman Empire, as depicted in the immensely popular Left Behind book series.

But what most people don’t know is that the Muslim Bible and Islamic Prophecy also predicts the coming of a person fitting nearly that identical description: The Madhi, the Muslim Messiah! How can this be?

Walid Shoebat is a scholar of both Islamic and Christian religions and he does not believe the Antichrist will rise from Europe. Rather, he teaches in this video that the Antichrist will arise from Turkey in resurgence of the Ottoman Empire.

View the documentary, “Bible Prophecy and the Coming Muslim anti-Christ” by Walid Shoebat and decide for yourself. Your life may never be the same again. …and view more videos on our website at: http://Clean.TV


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  1. TheOriginalSchohni says:

    Who does believe this Walid man? Walid is known to tell lies concerning the bible. He started his lies years ago with an (wrong) explanation of "666" in Revelation. Please, see what Walid has done:
    In his videos concerning 666 he says he has found arabic words in Revelation's number 666. "These symbols" χξς in Codex Sinaiticus would mean ISLAM, and ξς is bismallah م الله (in the name of allah) plus χ stands for islamic jihad swords. But:
    1 These "symbols" are Greek letters overlined expressing a number, 666, with the meaning of 600+60+6.
    2 And these Greek letters are not "arabic", no arabic words nor parts of these. They are ONE number(!).
    3 And Codex Sinaiticus does NOT have χξς: It has the words for 666 written out (sixhundredsixtysix)!
    4 And the Sinaiticus comes in uncials, large letters (ΕΣΑΚΟCΙΑΙ ΕΣΗΚοΤΑ ΕΣ (sic!) which is 666). IF THERE would be Walid's χξς, it has to be in uncials as follows: ΧΣC*. Correct old Greek would be ΧΞΣ. *Sinaiticus´ writer has used Σ for Ξ and C for Σ in his whole text – and he skipped the N at -Κο^ΤΑ and his "O" is the tiny "o" superscript – not shown superscript here.
    5 And bismallah is NOT م الله .

    To say Codex Sinaiticus does have "these symbols" χξς is a fundamental error. Or, better: It is a lie. Walid never ever has found χξς in the Sinaiticus. Who in heaven might confuse ΕΣΑΚΟCΙΑΙ ΕΣΗΚοΤΑ ΕΣ with χξς? Who???? So, all of Walid's resulting conclusions are simply wrong and Islam is not the beast. There are no arabic words in the Sinaiticus – and no symbols. Walid's teaching is EXTREMELY dangerous for us believers: WE expect a NUMBER while Walid speaks about SYMBOLS. He elegantly leads us away from Bible's truth.

    Next lie: Walid says he has found χξς once again in Codex Vaticanus. But: Codex Vaticanus does NOT at all contain Revelation (last book: Hebrews). So, we can't find any 666 or χξς or what else there. And also the Vaticanus is uncial and would show ΧΞΣ or ΧΣC if Revelation would be there at all. Btw.: Sinaiticus and Vaticanus are called under the great four uncial codices. And hundreds of thousands of his readers have soaked in Walid's nonsense. Seems Christians believe all and everything one says if he simply says "I AM CHRISTIAN and I was a sinner and Jesus is Lord".

    Q : Why does this man tell us these stories???
    A1: Concerning Sinaiticus he simply is lying as if there is no tomorrow.
    A2: Walid may have mixed Codex Vaticanus (stored in the Vatican) and Papyrus Oxyrhynchus (part P115 contains parts of Revelation), which are sometimes said to be stored in the same shelf in the Vatican library. But the last is not the case and: All Papyri Oxyrhynchi do not belong to the Codex Vaticanus. And P115 shows no 666 but 616(!!!!). And THIS would be an uncial ΧIC. OK?

    Next lie: Walid says Codex Vaticanus is written in arabic ("I could read the text, it was arabic!"). But: No, Codex Vaticanus is written in GREEK not in arabic. Not one letter is arabic. And no Revelation is there. And is one of the great four.

    Q: Why should a said arabic former "terrorist" have access to the Vatican library???
    A: If Walid has seen one or both documents in the Vatican, he seems to have strong connections to the catholic church: I even have been arrested giving tracts on St. Peter's square – and him is given access to THESE documents? Hahaha. Ridiculous. Seems he was instructed purposefully. If so, it could be dangerous to write about his lies. Please ask your pastors if I am right, make copies of my comments here and spread it in your communities.
    American brethren informed me that Walid said he has read Codex Vaticanus at Bob Jones University. That makes sth. more clear: In fact BJU has a copy of the Codex Vaticanus but they say: "Codex Vaticanus.; Novum Testamentum e Codice Vaticano Graeco 1209 (codex B) tertia vice phototypice expressum. In Civitate Vaticana, Ex Bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana, 1968". It has to be translated as follows: "Codex Vaticanus, New Testament from Greek Codex Vaticanus 1209 (codex B) three times photographed. In Vatican city, from Vatican Apostolic Library, 1968". The mess is: As a Codex Vaticanus even this version does – of course – not contain Revelation. Walid would not be able to add P115 there. Conclusion: Walid was in Vatican as assumed above and mixed his idea.

    Next lie: ξς is bismallah. " م الله " in Walid's videos does not mean bismallah (Walid says م الله is in Greek texts ξς; he says "it was arabic!" & 90 degree turned and mirrored). But bismallah is بسم الله . Here at the end of the arabic first word (read rtl) Walid finds م (he says Greek ς) followed by الله (he says Greek ξ). And he implicates م stands for بسم . Far-fetched. And both Greek letters combined with χ for swords (ONLY Walid says χ stands for islamic swords) should result in χξς and therefore Islam is meant by 666 (swords + in the name of [allah] goD). Whatta faaaar-fetched. Meanwhile we've learned that NO arabic person would recognize anything arabic in χξς. And we have asked arabic princes and their entourage! The only one who does is WALID.
    33:11 NO. Check yourself.

    Q: Why did John not simply use the Greek ω (omega) to express الله ??? Or Greek lυα (Iota-ypsilon-alpha; rtl)?
    A: Seems he did not want to implicate whatever. Yet, this is no answer.
    When we put WALID into the google translator وليد is given back! ! Seems Walid is the beast.

    Next lie: He says Greek "dexios" is arm or hand. But: No, dexios is not arm nor hand; it is the right side of sth. Arm/hand are both cheir (χέιρ Strong's 5495) as in Rev13,16.

    Next lie: He says Greek "charagma" is badge of servitude. But: No, charagma is not badge of servitude; it is a cutting, carving (charasso χαράσσω engrave, cut/carve).
    Btw.: The χ here and in χέιρ above is not our x, it is Greek chi. Our x is ξ. Nice, isn't it?

    Q: And who says at all "666"? A: Not every manuscript.
    666: ἑξακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα ἕξ in: א, P, 1006. 1841. 1854. 2053vid al (if uncial ΕΣΑΚΟCΙΑΙ ΕΣΗΚοΤΑ ΕΣ).
    666: χξς in: A, P47 051 M; Ir Hipp
    665: ἑξακόσιοι ἑξήκοντα πεντε in: Minuscle 2344
    616: ἑξακόσιοι δεκα ἕξ in: C, Irmss
    616: ΧIC in: P. Oxy. P115 (said to be the oldest, but already with corrections; and with 616 & uncial).
    Hint: א = Codex Sinaiticus, P115 =Papyrus Oxyrhynchus part 115 (found in the former town of Oxyrhynchus, Egypt), etc. We see: Often written out, less often χξς or even ΧIC, often 666, sometimes 665 or 616. Unless we find the original text we must not speculate what it is nor what it means. And we will not find it. Great confusion caused by the enemy.

    Does this mean the LOGOS (ΛΟΓΟΣ, speech of GOD) could not warn us and GOD needs liars like this InWalid Showpup to tell us? Since when is GOD's speech such complicated??? GOD's speech is simple:
    – Believe … and thou shalt be saved.
    – Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.
    I knew one with paraplegia (by an accident) plus lots of complications, beyond treatment, being brought to the hospice to die peacefully. His mother asked me if I can visit him at the hospice. After prayer there he soon did stand on his own feet and was given to his mom. GOD raised him up. Paraplegia and complications gone. By visit and prayer. Such simple. Not 90 degree turned and mirrored.

    And: Walid tells us "GOD is not interested in this gematria staff". Isn't 666 THE proof that GOD uses gematria? And, Walid, the correct name is Isopsephia, not Gematria. In the NT case we use Isopsephia which is used especially in Greek. Got it? I know you do not know. Who should have told you? Hint: He-Ge but Gree-Iso. Isn't it easy? Place yourself in front of your preferred mirror and speek loudly e-e and then i-i. And Arabic has Abjad numerals. a-a.

    How to make allah the devil (lesson for Walid and his followers): Simply take the arabic word for allah الله and find its numeric value using Abjad numerals: الله becomes ا ل ل ه which is 5+30+30+1. So, allah is 66. This is not exactly 666 and not the devil but enough precise for one like Walid. And if one misses 600, insert arabic خ kha which has the numeric value of 600. But this letter does not look like your beloved χ. Walid, what can we do? Hmm, as a final letter خ becomes ـخ. Looks now like a χ or not?! الله ـخ is 666 and means kh allah. Hmmm, sorry for not finding allah in χξς. But what YOU CAN do, Walid, find Jesus in 666: We first write Jesus in arabic يسوع . Then the final ـخ follows (rtl) and – we have يسوع ـخ . Looks very similar to χξς. kh Jesus. Btw.: For those whose thoughts go astray: Israel is إسرائيل and in Hebrew ישראל .

    Everyone can find out if it is true what I'm commenting: Go to your pastors and ask them about what I am saying concerning Walid's Greek "explanations". And look at the mentioned codices and see.

    ►Please, do not hesitate to spread the message above in your communities.◄ Islam is surely not Walid's 666 beast. The beast cannot be defined in the way Walid does. Walid and his son, both known catholics, distract – but why?

    See more in >>>>>>>>>> part 2 (@ NEWEST comments in

    58a4 pt 1
    Other languages of my comments in my profile.

  2. Kathy Rosewarne says:

    I was watching one of your DVDs and heard you defend the catholic faith. here are a couple of clips anyone who defends this should see. Frightening.



    . this is not something Jesus expects from any one- but there is one who delights in it

  3. Shannon Nase says:

    Islam chose not to LOVE but so did the outer Jew that refuses to Love,but so did Christians who do not Love by laying down their lives and taking the blame!The first to choose not to love was Adam with what came out of his mouth rather than what went in!By blaming his NEIGHBOR and MAKER,It was this WOMAN you GOD gave me!Out of the mouth comes from what is within your HEART!Adam killed his NEIGHBOR and GOD with the deadliest weapon,HIS TONGUE(SWORD,WORDS)! Adams fruit Cain,did the same with his HAND!HAVAH did what Christ did as a LIVING sacrifice with her WORDS!Havah exposed the principality living in Adam(the ACCUSER)and she took the blame by saying,I was deceived,she was also saying I BELIEVED!She believed in that which she could not see,the definition of FAITH,and she could not see the principality because it walked up to her in the form of her husband(ADAM)!So God did tell us the end from the beginning!Adam(human,flesh)gets death and we all live in FLESH!The SERPENT goes to his belly(STOMACH) hermeneutically connected to scripture that says in the last days MEN will be lovers of themselves and THEIR GOD will be their STOMACH(BELLY WHERE THE APPETITE IS FOUND)showing that the Serpent was within ADAM!And HAVAH,through great pain and suffering will bare(carry the load on her sholders as Christ)children(fruit)desiring her HUSBAND(hoping he will one day love her as she has loved him by choosing death and taking the blame)and he will rule over youas Adam insisted she die by taking the blame!She laid down her life by eating(Akal,consumation of her marriage to the tree of knowledge(Adam)a commandment to Husbands making her the SPIRITUAL HUSBAND,she respected her HUSBAND,Adam,by accepting the blame when he insisted she die,making her the SPIRITUAL WIFE and her SEED(which has to be just like her)is the SON(both spirits of HUSBAND AND WIFE in one fleshly body)Yeshua!The REAL HUSBAND AND WIFE IS ALSO A REAL MOTHER AND FATHER KNOWN AS THE HOLY SPIRIT or SHEKINA!Here is the trinity and ADAM is just MAN 6 =666 because his SPIRIT is ME,MYSELF,AND I!!!

  4. Shannon Nase says:

    We do worship one God One of two ways,by choosing Blessings or choosing curses!If you Love you choose Blessings but if you do not Love you choose curses!God gave the choice between the 2 so no matter which one you pick the one and only God that MAN has interpreted in many many many ways,will be the one to give you what you have chosen!

  5. Abraham Philip says:

    On the contrary Daniel says " He will not regard the god of his father's, nor any god, but in his own estate(privately in the spirit)worship a strange god, a god of forces" reveals the hindu monkey warrior god(whose mentor is figured in the freemasonic Zionist supreme court, the hindu Vishnu Lo EGYPT) images of which the likes of the OBAMAS love to carry with them even in their heart, to the belief " Man evolved from the Monkeys" EVOLUTION (modernism) to Worship- holy cow, all that stands against the FAITH.
    Daniel : He will not regard the desire of women"; which God given desire of women is to bring forth children, against which he brings in cunningly devised policies to the desires of the flesh, against reproduction, through SODOM & its Agendas , all that stands against the basic order of the Family , in turn based on the first holy Family of God.
    So it is EVOLUTION & SODOM, that directly opposes FAITH & FAMILY resp.
    Not deceived by the "Synagogues of Satan".

  6. Dennis Savage says:

    What YOU don't understand the anti Christ has to be Jewish born of a Jewish virgin in Bethlehem as per bible prophecy, that's why Lord Jesus said you did not accept me in my name, another will come in his name and him you will accept. HE has to be Jewish otherwise the Jewish people will not accept him. WAKE UP AND READ SCRIPTURE.

  7. linda clark says:

    I knew there was a reason the Eastern Kings visited the Baby Jesus. All the scripture works together!

  8. My Digital Lifestyle says:

    The identity of the antichrist has finally been revealed!

  9. CON-CAN says:

    That was amazing.

  10. Britt McLean says:

    Unlike Opinions that have European nations as the antichrist, Walids understanding is not a tortured fit, it makes sense, his points are well made,

  11. justicepartyuk says:

    America and Russia will fight world war 3 in Iraq for oil

  12. Antonio Castellano says:

    Perhaps by looking at what is in Israel currently we are not looking at the true Hebrew children of Jacob (see below):
    1) Revelation 3:9King James Version (KJV) Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
    2) Flavius Josephus, The Antiquities of the Jews (Grand Rapids, MI. Dregel Publications, 1960) Book XIII, Chapter IX, Verse 1, p.279 "they [the Edomites] were hereafter no other than [non-Israelites] Jews."
    3) Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, vol 5, p.41 "Edom is in Modern Jewry".

  13. AUDREY D'MELLO says:

    LOVE THIS. I saw a video that said the arcangel Gabriel dictated the koran to Muhamad and I wondered why would God's angel dictate the koran to Muhamad. Also it said something about the arc of Gabriel, which I didn't understand.

  14. barbara christiansen says:

    the Antichrist will be a false Christian not a Muslim this is a false teaching

  15. Jose Luis Borrageiro says:

    2 Esdras 5 Verse 5: Blood will drip from the trees; stones will speak; nations will be in confusion; the movement of the stars will be changed. A king unwanted by anyone will begin to rule, and the birds will fly away.

  16. A Nieves says:

    one big problem with this man is, that he forgets that Israel makes the same claims that Islam makes, Israel claims that JESUS is not GOD, so Israel could be the source of the antichrist or maybe a combination of both, but this man is not mentioning that, although he knows that very well, I smell deception here, and confusion, this sounds very good, but it falls apart as soon as you read the bible, and pay attention to his words, he is being very clever to lead you in another direction, to believe that islam is the only one making the claim that Jesus is not GOD, and there is one GOD and JESUS is not GOD,AND THAT THERE IS NO TRINITY, seventh day Adventists, jehova witness, united Pentecostals, all of them have the same message! this is half truth.

  17. Saleem Ali says:

    The mahdi will not be evil but righteous. And he is NOT the Messiah. This proves your ignorance in islam

  18. cvetko jovcevski says:

    Muslims laugh at the Bible, yet they take things out of the Bible to defend the Quran, one being that Muhammad was prophesied, and yet most of the stuff in the Quran was already in the Bible 600 years before. The irony of the Muslims they are some of the most lost people on the planet. I don't hate them would love to help them as I would with everyone.

  19. marcy overby says:

    No Muslim anti-Christ,,

  20. freedom fighter says:

    u. have a glorious pussy

  21. Ryan Nixon says:

    7 other eaths that nasa fond !! We know it before 1400 years ago becuse allah told us too in the quran !! GO WATCH THE NASA TODAY! 2017

  22. Ryan Nixon says:

    Jesus peace up him not son of god or god! The antichrist will call him selif god that he can rised died pepole ! The antichrist is chistians lord !!! But jesus christ will come down to earth and he will kill youre fake jesus (antichrist)

  23. Joseph Sanchez says:

    Mr. Shoebot you are a blessing to me and to anyone that listens to this video. You have filled me with a lot of wisdom. I am grateful thank you sir. May God bless you to continue on with these works. God bless you and your family. Dios te bendiga.

  24. Vaya Condios says:

    Shoebat – You are absolutely right and in fact the Early Church Fathers, the Apostolic Fathers, before the establishment of the Catholic Church did teach this Islamic view.
    In fact, Irenaeus and Hippolytus both had common views regarding who the anti – Christ would be.
    They had taught that the Anti – Christ and the little horn of the fourth Beast of Daniel 7,he will slay of the horns and reign as an eighth with the remaining 7. Hippolytus explained that those three are the rulers of Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia ( which today I believe we refer to as Sudan, which in ancient times was Cush, but correct me if I am wrong).
    As you can see and there is enough documentation to back this up, that even the Apostolic and early Church Fathers did refer to the East and not to the West when interpreting Revelation and end time Bible Prophecy.
    The problem I have found is that Churches today seem to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to taking a world view, and don't wish to look outside of the Church and the Western world view, which is a problem because as you say even they are overlooking crucial parts they take no notice of what is going on in the Middle East, and with Islam and the impact that they will have on Israel, and Jerusalem, and for Christians and Christianity.
    They focus on everything else except for the Middle Eastern Nations and the impact of Islam in their prophecy workshops, and seminars, and Revelation teachings.
    Thank You for such an informative teaching, you have so much knowledge to share and we as Christians in the West need to wake up and pay attention, if they don't, in the words of Jesus, he'll come as a thief in the night and the outcome will not be what they expect it to be, which could account for that part in Revelation where it says about how the hearts of men will fail them, and the first thing that comes to mind when you think of those words is, shock, that is a reaction to shock, because what they expect to have happen and what actually happens will be two entirely different things. God Bless.

  25. Tank vhh says:

    you people dont know shit about any religion

  26. Tank vhh says:

    walid is shit….and this show is zionist propoganda….filthy animals

  27. Thomas Etienne says:

    Sorry but I have a hard time believing a Muslim can decieveth even the most backsliding christain as being the returning christain/Judeo Messiah. are there any christains here that would even entertainment a Muslim as being our returning Messiah? Christ (and other biblical prophecy) makes clear that it will be someone saying the people will think it is HIM returning and what christain will be deceived by a Muslim claiming to be the returning jesus?