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Fun Bible Study Christian Cartoon Ministry with African American male character voice and British Female character voices performed by female voice actor Hawkins, Christian voice over talent based in Los Angeles, CA & NJ, USA working with clients worldwide. International Voice Actress spreading the word of God in a fun way! Millennials, Teens, Young Adults and all interested in learning Bible Verses, scripture, and being entertained, SUBSCRIBE to the channel! This is “Bible Battle”! Where all children of God are winners!!!
Bible Battle – Eps. 1 : British Bible Chick vs Bible Swag – Christian Cartoon for Teens & Young Adults created by Voice Actress Producer Hillary Hawkins Bible Study Animation Christian Entertainment Hillary Hawkins Production LLC 2 Edged Sword Productions. Christian Cartoon Ministry. Bible Battle presents the word of God in a hip cool and sultry smooth way! British Bible Chick voiced by Voice Actress Hillary Hawkins & Bible Swag also voiced by Voice Actor Hillary Hawkins recite the King James Version of a few of their favorite Bible Verses and then they put it in their own words. Bible Study is fun with BIBLE BATTLE! ©2019 Hillary Hawkins Production, LLC

Hillary Hawkins

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    NEW APOCALYPSE GRAPHIC NOVEL – AV- THE ONLY BOOK OF BIBLE THAT PROMISES A BLESSING IF READ!! The Book of Revelations King James VERSION : Christ has died for Our Sins, Christ Buried , Ressurrected and Christ will come AGAIN: