Belief Blog: Sorry, Jesus isn't white


CNN’s Eric Marrapodi and the Daily Beast’s Jamelle Blouie discuss FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly’s remark about Jesus.


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  1. Ox Tendo says:


  2. Ralph Figaro says:

    OK.. Then I guess I'm white too.. I mean if u say so Karen

  3. Vance Gilmore says:

    Jesus Christ is an imaginary Caucasian man. Funny how these Black men refuse to admit they worship an imaginary White man.

  4. XXIV 88 says:

    Santa is Imaginary..why argue his skin color??? He is not REAL!

  5. Vyom Khopade says:

    Jesus and Santa aren't real.

  6. Jackie371 says:

    We now have overwhelming evidence about Jesus. Archaeologists & forensic science recreated his look based on science & just before his death, he looked similar to D. J. Khaled. As a young man, he looked similar to Bruno Mars – based on a painting from 235 found in the Roman Christian Catacombs.

    The original Santa was white. He was from an area, Sweden, I think it was, where they were white. His hair & beard were probably gray from age & long because it was cold there.

  7. Taheen Kirven says:

    There isn’t a white person in the Bible …….

  8. Taheen Kirven says:

    This has to be a joke

  9. VogtTD says:

    Sorry, Jesus isn't real.

  10. Jesus salvation says:

    Look god/Jesus is all colors he is every race WE are made in his image u ever think God made different races to test us with the simple teaching of loving one another why tf does it matter if we're different races or live in different countries were all pple shit don't make sense to me it's sad

  11. Centavia Robinson says:

    I'll accept a Chinese Santa as long as he bring me gifts

  12. Besame says:

    I imagine Jesus was middle eastern with a swarthy complexion. Santa however, is white goofballs, stop trying to blackface him that is the R word OMG! lol

  13. Thuli Zulu says:

    Santa Clause is not even biblical: Thanks!

  14. DEIDRE DUDLEY says:

    It’s going to be a sad dad for you when that sky crack open and you learn that Christ is in fact a black man.

  15. NoLove Jones says:

    For your truth you are Heaven Sent I love you for telling the truth because I am Jesus the hands of God to help feed the Sun Jesus ain't white Eye AM right here

  16. Mazdi Khan says:

    A first century Palestinian Semitic Jew was white. Of course, of course…..

  17. Jack D. Squat says:

    Middle Easterners are Caucasian, they originate from the same ancestors as Europeans

  18. scriptures in youre face says:

    My dear grandma met HIM ONCE ,Yeshua is a white person and wonderfull ,she was also touched in hard times,MOST PEOPLE WILL GO TO HELL ,be aware what you say or do in life ,this is only a test ,don,t drink the wine from GODS wrath !..don,t look at cnn ,this is our enemy ,enemy of GOD .

  19. Lordspittah says:

    If you worshipping white Jesus you a devil worshipper

  20. Frank Esposito says:

    Jesus was a White Jewish man !!!

  21. 99 THEGREAT says:

    These two black guys are missed informed, how can the first being regarding Jesus be a olive skin complexion with long hair? In the Bible Old Testament even the so called story states he has copper skin and hair of sheep

  22. 99 THEGREAT says:

    Jesus was dark skin. The middle eastern term was created in the 1900’s Africans are most hated even the term Native American is disguised for another tone of people same with Egyptians and Hebrews. Whitewashed and brainwashed generations of people

  23. Amanda Malunghau says:

    Its seriously shocking to think people today still think and believe Jesus is white. And yes colour does matter. Imagine looking at all these coloured people and races and thinking God made colour but it doesnt matter??? If it didnt matter why did he make us coloured???? Come back to scripture loves.

  24. L SHEPHERD says:

    yes , you're right . JESUS is not white.
    HE is a singaporean , like me .

  25. Matt McCullough says:

    And so what if Jesus was black or white FYI he was betrayed by his own people.

  26. Matt McCullough says:

    Why the hell does it matter if Jesus was white or black he died for all of our sins. God does not judge people by the color of their skin God judges people for what's in their heart how good of a person they are by the contacted their character. God does not care about the color of your skin God cares about whether you're a good person or a bad person.

  27. Shelly Nogueira says:

    I saw Jesus personally, Jesus isn't black neither white, Jesus seems like a Syrian man, not dark skin and not so white . (I saw him)

  28. stx surgeon says:

    Don Lemon is chinese and has narrow eyes. I dont care if he thinks otherwise but hes def chinese

  29. Melissa Nichilo says:

    If we mortal humans have to put so much thought and emphasis on what color our father is…. we are all still stupid. Dig deep! Stop racism! Believe in him…because he just is. Period. Everything. Black…white…purple…we cannot keep this up. Smh

  30. P.P.P. M.M.N. R.ll.R says:

    Jesus was black

  31. Snailor says:

    Imagine debating whats your god race and skin colour. Imagine getting seperated by race.

  32. Keith Tackett says:

    WHAT!!! I've never seen Santa my whole life. How can we see? But her spreading white supremecy is sickening. This is disturbing

  33. BL4ck Star says:

    IUIC done a good job✅

  34. Paris Country says:

    Imagine saying Jesus is white

  35. McTelvin Edmond says:

    Jesus wasn’t white ❌