Balancing your Faith with the Fangirl

So this video was filmed over a month ago, I finally had the courage to edit it and post it. The video was meant to advertise the BookTube Bible-a-thon, however it’s a little late to the party. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL IN THE COMMENTS!

If you want to join the Bible-a-thon, it’s a yearly read-a-thon. We’re about a month in, so just start where we are and come back to the beginning at the end of the year. Maureen Keavy’s video:

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  1. Rance Rellosa says:

    This video really helped me so much, because me I'm a Christian and sometimes or most of the time I read too much that I don't even get to read my Bible or even sometimes prioritize reading rather than doing a Bible study with my family, so thank you for sharing this video.

  2. Whitney Hensley says:

    I love that you are so open about your faith. As a child I was never allowed to read or watch Harry Potter and I still haven't. A lot of people seem to get angry at me because of this like it has anything to do with them. I'm not sure why people act like that. I'm honestly glad my parents wouldn't let me read or watch certain things. I think at that age I could have had a problem understanding what was real and what was fiction. I was a very active reader when I was a kid and then I started having epileptic seizures. It put a real strain on my reading because reading would cause me to have seizures. Later when I was in high school I was still having seizures and having a very hard time in school but everyone was talking about Twilight. So my uncle got me Twilight for Christmas and I had all the books read in just a few days. I became a major fan and I'm so thankful for Twilight because it brought back my love for reading. Yes over those few days I had to take a lot of breaks because I would have seizures, but it was the most normal I had felt in a long time. My love for reading has continued to grow and I even took a creative writing class in school. I ended up writing my first novella and I loved it so much. Sadly God had very different plans for me than I had for myself. My seizures got worse and I had to quit school my senior year. I was so upset and became very depressed. A couple years later my family started going to a new church and we loved it. It truly felt like home. A little over 4 years ago I was at Bible study and I was feeling terrible. God told my pastor that someone was having neurological problems and needed to be prayed for. My church family surrounded me and put their hands on me and prayed for me. That was the last night I ever had a seizure. I stopped all medication and have been fine since. I went back to school and got my high school diploma and now I'm a sophomore at Liberty University. God healed me and truly changed my life. Sorry for sharing my life story. I just thought someone might be encouraged by it. Thank you for your videos. I hope you continue to grow in Christ and that your channel helps people. Also try not to let any mean comments get you down. God bless.

  3. Bookishanne says:

    I loved this video! I'm Mormon and this is something I find myself struggling with sometimes. I love reading but I completely agree, if it's taking up time you should be spending building your relationship with God then it's taking up too much time. I find myself in that situation sometimes when I get super into a book. I don't put it down at all but when it's done I find myself spiritually drained. I think it's important to take a break from reading fiction and fangirling in order to spend time praying, reading scriptures, and doing things that strengthen your relationship with God.

  4. Lindsey says:

    i, myself, am christian. I used to go to church every week until i was about 6 or 7 (my family moved and we didn't find a right church) so i didn't really practice my faith. I keep wanting to get my own bible, go to church, pray more often but it's so new to me because i haven't done it in so long. I think of myself as a bad christian because i have never read the bible and know not as much as all my friends. I want to be better and i feel guilty for not reading a bible, etc. What makes it worse is that i am socially awkward so i feel weird asking my mom if we can go to church or casually talking to my friends about it. It's gotten to the point where i stay quiet in conversations about Christianity because i feel like I will be disowned if i tell my friends that i don't go to church. It might seem like I'm kidding myself about being a christian but i still have faith and i have been trying to pray at night to try to get myself back into the religion

  5. For the Love of Christian Fiction says:

    So I’m watching this 3 years later, but it just came up on my recommended page. I am SO glad I clicked it.
    Even as someone who only reads Christian Fiction this is still SO RELEVANT!
    I read faith based books, but I have to constantly check myself and make sure reading isn’t taking over my personal relationship with God.
    This was amazing, thank you for stepping out and putting this up. It was the perfect reminder and such a blessing. ❤️

  6. Nox Reads says:

    I know that you posted this video years ago but I just watched it for the first time.

    Thank you for being so open about your faith. I've personally been struggling with spending time with God lately and lately there have been these signs telling me to be with Him more, and this video is definitely one so thank you! Also is Biblethon (sp?) still a thing? Because that sounds amazing!

  7. София says:

    I'm very late, but I'm so so glad to have found your channel. I absolutely love you, Natasha. You're the most prettiest and genuine YouTuber I've ever come across. You've got a glow that I can't describe. I love your videos so much!! If I resided anywhere close to where you are, I'm pretty sure we would have been bffs haha. God bless! ❤

  8. Snow Reads says:

    Okay I am so glad I stumbled across this video because, as a Christian, I've always felt put down by others when I've taken myself away from a book or television show experience because of my faith. For example, I stopped watching Supernatural around the fifth season because it got very blasphemous and I didn't feel comfortable reading it anymore. A lot of my friends have tried to get me to watch it again and have told me that I'm being ridiculous, but I don't feel that I am. Thank you so much for this video. I love you and your channel! I'm glad you're open about your faith; it encourages me to be as well.

  9. Abigail Tiller says:

    I love this!! You have yourself another subscriber

  10. kaia wright says:

    I know I am late but I appreciate this video so much because I am a Christian and you think all booktuberes aren't and I am so glad you are a Christian

  11. wendy green says:

    well done and well said

  12. Liveyourlife says:

    I applaud your bravery for posting this!!! I'm an agnostic who grew up in a secular country, and I've never contemplated that this was something people of faith might struggle with. While I can't say I understand it completely, this video definitely opened my eyes to new debates/issues/point-of-views, which at the end of the day is the reason I read books. Recently found your booktube channel and I love content like this! You're such an inspiration 😀

  13. Rachel P says:

    As someone who's fairly new to her walk with Christ and is a self proclaimed fangirl, books and TV especially, I struggle so much with this. Thank you so so much for posting (even if I'm two years too late in watching it).

  14. Julie VanderLugt says:

    This is the first video of yours I've watched and I will be watching all of your others now too. You said everything I needed to hear and I love everything you said. I often find myself putting things over Christ and thinking of other things rather than our relationship more often than I wish. THANK YOU! you are so brave and an awesome light that this platform is often lacking.

  15. EllieCeeJay says:

    I'm an atheist, and I found this video really interesting 🙂 I will be honest, I grew up as a Church of England Christian, and I mostly lost my faith because I was not willing to put something I didn't really believe in above my own life, and what I deemed to be important to me. I'm also LGBT+, and I don't want to support any religion that won't support my chosen life. It's my personal opinion that all religions should support everything, even if their religious text deems it to be unholy (eg. The Bible and homosexuality). If there is a God, I find it hard to believe that he/she would be as misogynistic and homophobic as the Bible makes out. After all, the Bible is primarily propaganda, nobody should take it for the complete truth. Even my Catholic Christian friends agree – aspects of the Bible are wrong, and in modern times, religious people should be able and allowed to live the religious life they see fit, and not cater to a centuries old document that has no bearing on 21st Century life. Just some food for thought – I understand your opinion, but I don't think anyone should have to live their life worrying about constantly putting something else first.

  16. Jennette Perdomo says:

    Wow. Thank you so much for this. Not even joking, I needed this video now without even knowing. I just encountered it and it really has made me think about ny faith. So, again, thank you.

  17. Jennifer Salyers says:

    Be bold girl ! Proud of you and you are super amazing and beautiful !

  18. Lajaven Tazall says:

    You helped me so much! I’ve been looking for a Christian fan girl’s advice for so long. It’s hard to be both and sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t be a fan girl and should give up my books and tv shows bc everyone says they are bad for my Christian life, but this put things in a new perspective! Thank you!!

  19. Joanna Vasudevan says:

    This is a huge wake up call for me, thank you!

  20. bibbidibobbidibooks says:

    You have no idea how happy this video made me feel. Just the fact that you can talk about your faith in such a loving and non-judgmental way gives me so much hope. I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am that I found your channel, and that you are comfortable enough to talk about your faith. As a Christian, the most frustrating thing ever to me is the amount of negativity associated with the church, and the stereotype that we are exclusive and condemning. I feel like you are helping to combat that negative image, and I love so much that every time I watch your videos I can see a normal Christian who does not hate or condemn other people. Seriously, you are so amazing and I hope you make more videos like this one in the future!!! Thank you so much for helping show the world that Christianity is about love and not hate.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Book Niche says:

    im not religious at all, but this video was so enlightening. i hope you've found your balance between christ and pop culture. much love <3

  22. Kinizie Mccoy says:

    Tank you so much for this video. This is something I've been struggling with.

  23. Carla0816 says:

    Sometimes I thought about it but I don't think loving books oder TV like mortal instruments or whatever is wrong if you don't believe in it. I don't believe in it, it is just fiction. Someone we greated and god gave the humans the power to create those things. Just because I love greek mythologie, I don't believe in it.
    But I am not a very religous person, my parents never were strict religous and I found the way to god and christ alone. I admire him for what he did and I am thankfull. But I don't think he would hate me for not thanking every day or not going to church every sunday. I like going to church sometimes but I prefer going to a christian youth group. I do not believe everything said in the bible because humans are used to change things.

    Yes I hope Harry Potter is real and I want to live in fictional worlds. But the power to create all those things is a present to express our selfs.
    But I am a person who sees those things relaxed, so I understand why it is so difficult for you. But I won't stop loving books since the beginning of my life. I just seperate those things. They are both part of me and all this exist because of god, because he created the humans.
    (But I also believe in evolution but with the power of god, a lot of the bible a metaphors in my opinion)
    (Sorry for my mistakes english is not my mother tongue)
    Ps; I love everything about you channel, I am so happy I discoverd it a year ago

  24. Flores TheMisfit says:

    As an influencer, I think it's amazing and courageous that you brought this subject up into such a lost generation, Its a scary subject, youre right, people tend to judge whats beyond their understanding, but i admire you for taking such an powerful stand on this.

  25. Rivers Bliss says:


  26. Livi Atkinson says:

    Wow… thank you for making this video it's actually been really helpful for me. I used to spend so much time with God but now I'm kind slacked off. This video has really helped me think about what I can do to better my relationship with Christ. Thanks so mush for this video!!!

  27. Lauren Fullington says:

    I am so proud of you for putting this out here Natasha. I know exactly how it is to be backlashed about your faith. I speak out my faith everyday of my life, especially when I was in high school and I always get made fun of for it. They call me Jesus freak and crazy religious girl. But, so everyone knows, I'm not religious, im a Christian and I'm proud to be.

  28. jana says:

    I'm Muslim and I relate so much to most of what you said. God bless you for making this video

  29. Ysabel Jardine says:

    I think it's wonderful that you decided to make this video. Thanks for your advice and courage!

  30. Ysabelle Laxamana says:


    I know my priorities and I was contemplating on reading COB because of its premise and I decided to give it a try and not even once, in all the books I've ever read, I've drifted away from my beliefs about God. I'm very religious and I like that I have this positive mindset about reading books.

  31. Logan Huff says:

    I'm not being disrespectful or anything, but I'm guessing that you aren't in the Supernatural fandom?

  32. MaeReadABook says:

    I'm a Christian too! ^^ I had to do the same thing with the mortal instruments too… This is a great video, God bless for making it!

  33. Bobby Wallia says:

    I'm a Hindu, but I totally agree with you and commend you for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

  34. Natalie Anderson says:

    This is so awesome! I totally understand where you're coming from. My goal is to be an author so writing and that picture I have of making it big often become an idol for me. I've recently struggled with this topic in both writing and reading: how does this represent my faith? how is this affecting my faith? And it's good to know that other people feel the same way. Thank you for being open and talking about this:)