Awakening – Hillsong Worship


‘Awakening’ from the Hillsong Worship album ‘God Is Able’ released in July 2011.

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Verse 1
In our hearts Lord
In this nation

Holy Spirit
We desire

For You and You alone
Awake my soul
Awake my soul and sing

For the world You love
Your will be done
Let Your will be done in me

Verse 2
In Your presence
In Your power

For this moment
For this hour

Bridge 1
Like the rising sun that shines
From the darkness comes a light
I hear Your voice say
This is my awakening

Bridge 2
Like the rising sun that shines
Awake my soul
Awake my soul and sing
From the darkness comes a light
Awake my soul
Awake my soul and sing
Like the rising sun that shines
Awake my soul
Awake my soul and sing
Only you can raise a life
Awake my soul
Awake my soul and sing

CCLI #: 5677399
© Hillsong Music 2010
Words & Music by Chris Tomlin and Reuben Morgan

Hillsong Worship

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  1. jona Porma says:

    Awake my soul my lord!

  2. Kibeeti Edwin says:

    Father Awaken us the church in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

  3. Blake Delaney says:

    Sopy hellsong rubbish

  4. mikatteba225 says:

    I'm 27, I was running from God, angry and depressed, and tonight while I was watching… Porn… This song came up like a whisper, from the darkness comes a light!!! Lord awake my soul.

  5. Ambrose Kojo Erzoah says:

    Angelic voices boosting me spiritually
    Wow what a Lovely God we serve

  6. Awaking Nation says:

    love it

  7. Randolphe Tanoguem says:

    love it <3

  8. Chief Joseph says:

    Jesus is our mighty saviour king

  9. Jeremy Burch says:

    This is our church's theme song for our Missions Conference this year. Love it!

  10. Marriott Kaimba says:

    Awakening our love for Christ

  11. Madi Lee says:

    How can you be gay/Lesbian inside of Hillsong concert and you singing "Let your will be done in me? Tomorrow you'll be sleeping with your gay and lesbian partner on the same bed having sex abomination all the way TO HELL.
    JESUS: Not everyone who calls ME LORD will enter the kingdom,

  12. Import Export BD Institute says:

    I am Muslim.I love jesus as super great man for humanity.He is really full of wisdom.He is great prophet,son of Mariam

  13. Zippy Justin says:

    God bless you Hillsong.

  14. Joseph Phoebe says:

    Beautiful song hillsong: life goe's on so,one love

  15. Zarek Asif says:


  16. Mandy Thiele says:

    Ich will nach Hause Ich bin eine Diebin, Lügner in. Du liebst mich sagst du, dann bitte hole mich nach Hause.

  17. Vivian Wanini says:

    Let your will be done to me, awaken me

  18. Max Allan says:

    I can’t stand to this song ❤️ still listening in 2019, beautifully played 🙂

  19. Frida Njiriri says:

    Reminds me of my years in college. I would listen to this album all the time.
    For you and you alone. AWAKE MY SOUL….

  20. Mahlatse Mashala says:

    Such an empowering worship song!!! Jesus is alive!

  21. Thales Matos says:

    Lindo demais!! Deus maravilhoso!!

  22. Endeshaw Tadesse says:

    I am From Ethiopia,, i can't stop watching and listening this amazing songs when i was see this song truly cry Jesus is the only savior

  23. Sanna nasir says:


  24. timi ade says:

    This song is gold…..

  25. timi ade says:

    my best song ever and ever

  26. Grace Gadit says:

    Awake my soul oh lord…

  27. Cassy Lima says:


  28. luckson mkandawire says:

    This songs helps me draw closer to God when I am lost

  29. Bastian X says:

    What a song!! Give me goosebumps and chills.Very profound and soft.Hillsong has a way to bring tears in my eyes.May God bless them!! Special love.

  30. Jorge Filho 88 says:

    Glória Deus!

  31. Omari The Drummer says:

    I love the worship from this team it real touches my heart