Audio Bible Meditations: Scriptures Dealing With Worry, Fear, Stress, And Anxiety


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An encouraging audio presentation for people who are dealing with worry, concern, strain, and anxiousness. Characteristics numerous scriptures from the Bible dealing with the issue.

Relaxation Effortless Ministries

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  1. cbr1thou says:

    I have made mistakes in the past, I ask for forgiveness. my heart is pure and I love you all. I love you God. I love you Jesus. I love you holy spirit. Amen

  2. Loise Ataro says:

    Thanks a lot for these verses. Reading them from Africa. God bless you

  3. Oscar Lopez says:

    They say Faith without works is dead. What does that mean. What's the point of Faith then when works is what you need.

  4. cos play says:

    feeling so down right now to the point of not being able to function. it is very difficult being a spiritual follower knowing that there are others out in the world who would want to see your demise because they fail to see or know what you see and know. even sometimes other spiritual followers can be hurtful and harmful as well. ones who will turn on each other for the sake of the same god. it is very difficult to know what to do, because on one hand i would like to obtain nice things, and on the other hand i feel i should give them all up for the sake of god. is there a middle way? where i can obtain and enjoy without attatchment, but neither rejecting anything good as well? a life of moderate living without shame or guilt, where i know in my heart that im still following gods path, or the path god has for me, and still able to serve others along side myself, in my own life? i feel as though i had been for a while but now im just confused, frightened and not sure how to get back up, and on my own 2 feet.

  5. Adolf stinkler The third says:

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  6. Seethwin says:

    thanks so much!

  7. June Viarruel says:

    simply ty

  8. Porfi Lope says:

    Dear friend in Christ pray with me.My willful disobedience and recently unfaithfulness of my wife is discouraging me in marraige and walk with our God. Father I come in Jesus name and blood.For in my own name and blood I am not worthy nor known by You.I fear You and respect You.Now I know You have granted the following requests because this is for Your glory,pleasure, and name's sake.I am greatly discouraged in my marriage because of my willful disobedience to Your command and my wife's recent unfaithfulness.Please have mercy on us and our marriage!  We fear You and we want our marriage to last, but we are so weak and we do not listen to You God.Please command a blessing on our marriage and it will be done.Please say that it will last forever, and we will be happy,both now and forever and that You will protect it from the men that try to ruin it.And as for the man she cheated with have mercy on his soul, but if he tries one more second to have her teach him a painful lesson that will forever keep him away.As for my wife have mercy on her be gentle to her only let her never do it again.As for me show mercy to me.I hate letting You down and messing up please don't chasten me but show grace and mercy.Also that You bless me with my youth and blessings sin satan and the world has stolen I pray these things because You hate divorce and we want to make this work.And so believers may be encouraged  and so nonbelivers may believe and as a witness against Your enemies and for Your glory God I declare these things.You said if two or more agree on earth it is done in heaven so hear the prayers of my brothers and sisters in Jesus name amen help her call me soon

  9. Reuelly YT says:

    I became brave because of this

  10. ofcourseitshayley says:


  11. DW Kern says:

    May God Bless You Forever!

  12. Paragon Playa says:

    I can't heal no matter how hard I try I keep asking myself who created god if he created us? This question bothers me too much. Im afraid of death which also puts unbelievable depression and anxiety on me, I have also done Really bad things and I am afraid that the Lord will not forgive me

  13. emmabago says:

    thank you ……

  14. sonicshadow075 - says:

    Amen brothers and sisters

  15. JJ PlayZ says:

    Thank you so much i fell asleep by this it was so soothing

  16. Gordon Hiebert says:

    It works to listen to these scriptures. Unfortunately after awhile into the movie the music gets so overpowering that I cannot understand the words and got frustrated.

  17. Night owl5545 says:

    thank u so much today I was feeling so much anxiety this helps