Audio bible book of James


Lowman Whitfield

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  1. Knight of Light says:

    This is for those who don't understand what JAMES was saying when he said "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone". JAMES 2:17. He means when you truly believe, put faith, love, respect, desire, fallow, obey, and abide with Yahusha(Jesus) then you naturally do works or works fallow. Thus proving your faith not to yourself but to Christ (and don't boost about it!). Let say if you believe in Christ and you walk by a person in need asking for help and not help them then your Faith is Dead. Thus your Faith cannot save you. Now the thief of the cross beside Yahusha who had no works but believed and was saved. Because He saw the sign above Jesus and stood out for Christ while he was being mocked by the other thief and everyone else. He acknowledged his punishment was just and sincerely repented for his crime before Christ. And showing great humility didn't ask to be saved but rather that CHRIST SIMPLY REMEMBER HIM! And he Stole the greatest Treasure of All CHRIST'S HEART. That is why Christ Promised him "Today shalt thou be with me in paradise". ST LUKE 23:43. I hope this clears the whole thing about PAUL'S writings and JAMES writings. They're the same message just talking about different areas of the Faith in which we are Saved by THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB.

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  3. Richard McLaughlin says:

    The Epistle of James was written before the Crucifixion.

  4. heg ete says:

    why music in the background….? very distracting

  5. Orpha Solis says:

    Thank you, I love your reading and the wonderful background music. I am subscribing to hear other biblical books. God bless you for making this reading so enjoyable.

  6. Jaqueline Muñoz says:

    Who prayed for no rain?

  7. Sarah Stewart says:

    Was this JESUS brother by Mary?

  8. Zuhura Osieko says:

    a very wonderful version I like it.

  9. Dwalon Johnson says:

    music mixed with the word is very ANOINTING. Keep the word flowing. God Bless!

  10. ROSE MUVUTI says:

    i enjoyed this!

  11. Connie Shrader says:

    God Bless You and Thank you for spreading the gospel of Christ..You have a Great Reward..Bless you

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    sound is VERY good

  13. Mr. William Johnson says:

    The sound is VERY good, and the WORDS are full of Life.

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    Love this

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    The music is very distracting.