Astro-Theology (Ep 01) – Islam & Eid-Al-Adha

This is a new Astro-theology/Syncretism series on my YouTube channel.

My first episode is on “Eid Al-Adha” & “Islam”

After researching throughly extensively i have come to the conclusion that the islamic celebration of Eid-Al-Adha “Sacrifice Festival” is a hidden ritual by the Elites which corresponds with Astrology in particular with the Moon in Capricorn.

This a connection I made personally and is not something I have heard anyone talk about and there is nothing online so I hope I can plant a few seeds and reveal some things which have been hidden from us!

Eid El Adha
The scapegoat
Abrahamic Astrotheology
Plus many other topics.

Hopefully uploading it ASAP



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  1. Jeanne says:

    Thank you so much for this, I'd been looking for this info everywhere, I am vegan too

  2. Saffiyeh Jaffer says:

    Brother I am so Amazed by the knowledge yu came across. I always thought that because Islamic cal3nder is lunar …that it is disqualified to be part of astrology the same way other Abrahamic faiths are. I did however know that threw out the Holy Quran there are referenced to the 12 astrological signs an I always wondered why that is being the fact that muslims allegedly are forbidden to indulge into astrology.
    Although Abrahamic faiths are connected to Western Astrology ….I actyually am extremely more interested in Vedic astrology an I want to see if there is a connection with Hinduism an Abrahamic religion threw astrology even though they use different standards of measurements.

  3. AJAK92 says:

    19 is a very special number in the Quran, they call it a miracle. This is connecting to the metonic cycle. Muslims pray to a cube in Mecca, the cube is 2160 degrees and the moon is 2160 miles in diameter.

  4. Daily News says:

    ISLAM is the beginning and the last religion to all humanity and QUR'AN is the last warning and guiding book to all humanity and jinn kinds
    Read QUR'AN to find the TRUE

    THE GREATNESS OF our CREATOR IS beyond our imaginations

  5. Secret Seeing says:

    The vision of Ibrahim ( Abraham ) needs to be decoded – what it means is that the Arabs are going to be SACRIFICED. (From the lineage of Ismail )
    and the Arabs are already facing alot of HATRED and are being wiped out – LOOK AT GAZA !

  6. Secret Seeing says:

    well done !!! 🙂 i totally agree with you on the part where they take everything literal. It really really pisses me off how they ( Islamic blind religious scholars ) are DESTROYING Education.. They tell us Astrology is forbidden LOL, They tell us Music is forbidden LOL, so i guess their fukin existence must be forbidden too !!

  7. Andrei says:

    Great video. Keep it up.

  8. Lily Rose Day says:

    that time in August is near the Lion’s Gate, or the helical rise of Sirius in our current age. it’s also cross quarter time…that’s SO interesting about the moon in Capricorn. wow, what an interesting find. nice work brother. this is an excellent presentation. i love it. (thanks for the shout out, friend. it surprised me. so sweet. i appreciate and love you super much.)

  9. Rainbow Vibration says:

    great talk bro ☺️✨