Angel of the Lord

The Angel of the Lord is one of the most fascinating spiritual beings in the Hebrew Scriptures. Every time this figure appears, he’s depicted as if he is God, but also an angel sent by God. In this video, we explore this paradoxical character and discover how he prepares us for the grand claims that will be made about Jesus in the New Testament.

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  1. BibleProject says:

    One of the most fascinating and mysterious spiritual beings in the Hebrew Scriptures is the character called “the angel of the Lord.” Ancient and modern readers have puzzled over this figure because he is described in a way that seems paradoxical: as a being who is distinct from Yahweh the God of Israel (“the angel of Yahweh”) but who talks and acts as if he is Yahweh. For example, when he appears to Hagar (Genesis 16:7-13) and Moses (Exodus 3:1-4), he is called an “angel,” but also “Yahweh,” and even “God.” And when this angel comes to Gideon (Judges 6:11-24), he speaks as if Yahweh is distinct from himself (“Yahweh is with you, O mighty warrior!” Judg 6:12), but then the narrator calls this figure “Yahweh” (“Yahweh said…” Judg 6:16). We’re then told that “the angel of Yahweh disappeared” (Judg 6:21), only to find Yahweh still there talking to Gideon (Judg 6:23)! And it gets even more mind-bending! The figure that Moses sees in the burning bush (Exod 3:2) is the same figure who leads Israel out of Egypt in the pillar of fire and cloud (Exod 14:19-20), who settles in cloud and fire atop Mt. Sinai (Exod 19:18-20), and whose glory-cloud settles over the finished tabernacle (Exod 40:34-38). This is the same figure who appears to the prophets Isaiah (Isaiah 6:1-6) and Ezekiel (Ezekiel chs. 1 and 10). When you back up, you see these stories are all coordinated and pointing to the startling claim that Yahweh’s identity in the Hebrew Scriptures is a complex unity. Yahweh is invisible, transcendent, and above all, as Solomon says: “The heavens and the heavens of the heavens cannot contain you!” (1 Kings 8:27). However, this God is also ever-present in all of creation (make a cup of tea and ponder Psalm 139!). When the biblical authors describe the localized, embodied presence of God in a single place and time, they introduce the “angel of Yahweh,” a human-looking figure who is both Yahweh and distinct from Yahweh. This ancient biblical belief of the “complex unity” of Yahweh is the seedbed of the ideas expressed in the early messianic Jesus movement. Jesus talked about himself as both distinct from God (“the Son”) but also as “one with the Father” (see John 10:30). Or, as the introduction to John’s Gospel puts it: “The Word was with God, and was God” (John 1:1). That may seem like a contradiction to modern readers. But to anyone familiar with the portrait of the angel of Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures, the claim of the New Testament begins to make more sense (as much as it can, at least!). The angel of Yahweh was Yahweh appearing as a human, and Jesus of Nazareth is that Yahweh figure become human. For more information, read through our video notes here:

  2. Mitchell C says:

    The gospel is the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM!

    Repent and believe the gospel! Follow Jesus’ teachings!

    Jesus is going to return and set up the kingdom of God ON THE EARTH! God’s government ON THE EARTH! The Messiah will resurrect his people! The destiny of the Messiah and his people is to be ON THE EARTH! The renewed restored earth! God also dwelling with them! Rev 21

    Jesus said the Father is the only true God!

    John 17
    3 And this is eternal life, that they know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.

    Monos theos
    The Father

    Jesus is the one sent by the true God (the Father)!

    Jesus never claimed to be God, Jesus said he has a God!
    Jesus has a God!

    Jesus died!
    God can’t die!
    God raised Jesus from the dead!

  3. HAUA M says:

    The angel of YAHUAH is a being that
    Speaks for YAHUAH not YAHUAH self.
    The word of YAHUAH is Haua the Holy Spirit and YAHUAH's wife.
    Stop using j because j and w not in the true Hebreuau ( Hebrew language) all that is to break down the power of YAHUAH and the true tetragammaton is YHUH. Therefore true the son of YAH(God) is YAHUSHUA because of this I came in my Father's name YAHUAH.
    Please don't take this for granted.
    This is out of the ahaua (love)
    for YAHUAH.

  4. Prabhul Krishna says:

    You guys are really helping me a lot in studying Bible. Thanks a lot.

  5. Boom Slang says:

    God in the OT is not a unipersonal God but a triune God.

  6. Justin Barnette says:

    The angel of light is the Holy Spirit.

  7. Big German says:

    The angel of the lord is Jesus Christ

  8. Thormp1 says:

    Believers in religion teach us that God will reward men for good actions, but men who are intellectually free, know that the reward of a good action cannot be given by any power, but that it is the natural result of the good action.
    The free man, guided by intelligence, knows that his reward is in the nature of things, and not in the caprice even of the Infinite. He is not a good and faithful servant, he is an intelligent free man.
    —Robert G. Ingersoll

  9. Dr. Jaquavis says:

    But it doesn't say that Jesus is God

  10. Truth Seeker says:

    Practically all references to "The" Angel of The Lord, could just as well be translated as "An angel Of The Lord". There is no definite article before the word "malach" / angel, but unfortunately, most Christians aren't aware of that. In the New Testament, we read:
    Act_7:30  And when forty years were fulfilled, an angel appeared to him in the wilderness of Mount Sinai, in a flame of fire in a bush.
    The writer of Acts (perhaps Luke), did not identify the angel in the bush as a special angel, much less YHWH Himself. He identifies the angel, as "an angel" , not a specific angel. All of the reasons Christians give for this angel being YHWH Himself, can easily be refuted with scripture. Like for example, the argument that relies on the angel speaking in the first person, as if he were God. Moses and other prophets, also speak in the first person, on behalf of YHWH, that doesn't make them YHWH. There is no ontological co-equality, between YHWH and any of his messengers, whether they're spirit or human. This belief is unbiblical and the reason Christians hold these beliefs, is because they're taught this by their teachers and leaders. The "blind leading the blind".

  11. exclusivelynyc says:

    Thanks for providing clarity. Just have a question. If the angle of the Lord comes in a way we can see him then can you explain why he asked Moses not to look at him, nor ask Gideon or Abrahams mistress not to look at him? Thank you

  12. Anslem says:

    I'm always confused so God us three being in one? The father the sun and the holy spirit, I'm guessing the holly spirit is the angel of yahweh, how is god 3 in one?

  13. Reveal7 says:

    Very true in the dreams I have I saw God the Father I swear I did but saw him wearing red robe with lighting eyes

  14. stifler man says:

    Sereval times I have heared that the Angel of the Lord is Jesus Christ.

  15. Junxi Liu says:

    the angel of the lord is basically god's third form,or God the spirit.And Jesus is God the son,right?

  16. Anu Sruthi says:

    It is jesus

  17. Kamie Sweet says:

    I always thought it was ironic that people call it “the burning bush” even though it wasn’t burning

  18. N CORONADA says:

    God help me understand … i love this channel…

  19. Furios says:

    the more videos i watch on here.

    the more i start to know how god just wants to share his power…

    also i didnt know if you saw him you would die.

    i like the visual representation of the bible, it makes me interested in reading it more. but then again my little 15 year old brain doesnt understand the vocab

  20. Retro Nation says:

    Can someone tell me how legit this channel is. If they are this channel is great. It’s just cool to me how they work. I hope it’s legit tho

  21. simone robledo says:

    WOW So well explained! May God bless you ! This video is a blessing

  22. Js Way says:

    Seek out a true Israelite. They can break this down very easily. Happy Sabbath

  23. Ramjamram says:

    In 2 kings 1:

  24. Jůul Cat says:

    Is the angel of the lord the holy spirit???

  25. Glo Boy says:

    The angel of the Lord sounds like God's replying to something or someone basically his word in form

  26. Charles Rothauser says:

    Since God is infinite, how is all this reconciled?

  27. The Word says:

    This video is all made up presumptions not scripture
    HALF of what is said is not scripture but someone interpretation or thinking
    there is lot of scripture that contradict what is told in here

  28. Miguel Reyna says:

    I love when Manoah asks the angel of the lord if he’s the same being who appeared to his wife beforehand and the angel of the lord responds with “I AM”

  29. FollowerofChrist says:

    I am confused as to why people refer to Hagar as a slave when in the Bible she is referred to as a handmaid which is a female SERVANT.

  30. Defend Freedom says:


  31. Federico Trenton says:

    1:10 what happens to the people who died after seeing Yahweh? Why do they die? Is it a punishment? They can’t handle the imagine of god? What happens to their soul?

  32. Chris Brown says:

    I am the angel they speak of and in June I will present this. I say this with confidence and anyone who disbelieves will see. I come with love and if unheard then I will bring the wrath of nature. I will return to my city and only then will it cease

  33. Eben Ha`ezer says:

    Does anyone think why God didn't appear as Angel of the Lord when Moses wanted to see his glory? God could have showed him like he showed John ,Peter and James

  34. chaosbaby says:

    Wait…Are you saying that Jehovah witness are right into calling Jesus the arch angel michael? Hmmm..If not, what is the difference then?

  35. Frank Skills says:

    1:09 Exodus 33:20 – But," he said, "you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live."

  36. gmz gmz says:

    I liked all your content until this video Jesus is not god but the son of god that’s seated at the right hand of god

  37. PWR2023AOC says: