AmeriKKKan Christianity is Religion of Antichrist pt 1

SABBATH LESSON (pt 1) 4 4 14

Heb 4v8-11, Ps 111v7,8, Luk 4v16, Luk 6v5,6, Matt 7v21-23, Matt 26v18


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  1. ShqiperiRS Jacobo says:

    greetings brothren! just came across your videos and I am now a new subscriber to your channel God bless you and the words of truth of Christ you share may our Lord continue to bless you and your family

  2. deborah R says:

    Granted…..however the earlier Christians before Constantine and Roman infiltration was not the same as the Christianity we have today; really there's not to many comparisons left between the two , doctrine wise. Millions upon millions have died because of the new brand of Christianity. This new brand of Christianity is now dreaded and have made enemy's around tne world because of it's hypocrisy, and it's death policies. They say peace but war is in in his heart, some thing never change. Look at the United States today, and it's foreign policies. Every one's dying and their justifications for murder is….

  3. Rusty3197 says:

    No more Easter No more Christmas no more pagan holidays to celebrate =)

  4. doublej1963 says:

    Come on with it, Brother !!!!!!!!

  5. deborah R says:

    What I'm wondering …is this not the same Christianity that enslaved God's people… Hebrews or Blacks, and murdered the Native Americans to the point of extinction ; just to name a few atrocities? So why are so many people looking at Christianity as the authority on the word of God? When we examine Christanity a little closer, we can see that it's clearly going against the word of God. Also, they have never stopped oppressing the elect; and for the most part, they really don't feel like this country should have to give an account for their past deeds. Unfortunately for them, God does not feel that way about the Apple of his eye's.