America's LAST DAYS in Bible Prophecy. It May Surprise You! Irvin Baxter Part 1

David Heavener and Irvin Baxter discuss the end times and just what role America will play according to Daniel 7. What does that mean for Israel?
Are we on the verge of this happening?

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  1. JP says:

    Irvin was right.

  2. Temitope Adeusi says:

    Watching this now as against last year its beginning to look like these interpretations by Irvin are wrong.

  3. Mary Hooper says:

    God bless you Pastor Baxter

  4. Youngrevival 97 says:

    Very good

  5. Zlata Bartunova says:

    mind blowing

  6. CeeCee Pollidore says:

    He doesn’t know the prophetic very well , he needs to do more research

  7. Wendy Clark says:

    What about the eagle's wings get plucked off? In Daniel 7:4

  8. Sam Hollywood says:

    Crazy World…
    1. No Gender
    2. Illegal Immigrants Are Celebrated.
    3. Sodomy Is Proud.
    4. Drugs Are Legal.
    5. Abortion Isn't Murder.
    6. Robot AI Is Human.
    7. We Are Last Generation.
    8. Revelation Seals Have Been Broken.

  9. Gavin Finley says:

    Is America front and center in end-time Bible prophecy? Our church leaders and Bible prophecy teachers say, “no”. But the poets, artists, and hymn writers say “yes”. So do the Holy Scriptures. A proof-text come out of Daniel 7:7.

    Here is a YouTube video shining a light on this neglected passage. The key is the Aramaic word “qodam” which forces us to identify the four beasts of Daniel 7 as modern superpowers. We can do quite readily now. And so, after 2550 years the prophecy can now be unsealed.

    And is America featured there?
    Oh yes! Very definitely so.

  10. Truthseeker424 says:

    Chrismass IS PAGAN!!! IT IS NOT CHRISTIAN!!! None of the so called “holidays” are biblical!!!

  11. Matthew John says:

    Opinion—–The iniquity of the US has risen to the point of no return. In G-D WE TRUST on the coins, almost gone. It will be a new world currency—-No more, 'IN G-D WE TRUST'. The embassy has been moved to the capital of Jerusalem during the Trump Administration. When Trump is gone, this nation will, more than likely, turn it's back on Isreal.
    Some Christians believe that we are appointed to G-d's wrath; the seven year tribulation. The Scripture clearly states that He has not appointed true believers to His wrath.
    In my opinion, the only way this nation, these United States will escape the Lords judgement, is to get down on their knees, come to Jesus and repent. Very few churches here, in America, if any are teaching and preaching repentance. Jesus tells us in the Scriptures, 'unless ye repent, ye will all likewise perish'.
    This pastor said that the wings of the lion will be broken off. Think about it.

  12. TheSchmo says:

    In all due respect to you David, be careful of Wolves in Sheep Skins who pull the Wool over peoples eyes and have funny handshakes. Say this fast; In Fill Tray Tor.

  13. Ghost Most says:

    I just watched an interview with Irvin Baxter bashing Trump and Netanyahu with liberal media.

    Nuff said

  14. Brian Wurch says:

    Trump Pence sound!

  15. On Guard says:

    Honestly this is one of the dumbest and most desperate interpretations that I have heard. Daniel 7 is referring to the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and the Roman/revived Roman empires. So you are in essence affirming that America is Babylon as that is more correct than anything else. I think it is pathetic how some Christians in this country are trying to hide from the obvious. America is not explicitly mentioned in Scripture and is not a factor on the global stage before the return of Jesus because she is going to be taken out of the way. America is filthy with abomination and sin and thinking that God won't punish this nation is naive. You cannot hide behind Israel as Israel is also wicked. BTW, read Zechariah. The only one who protects Israel and saves her is Jesus. Stop being so gullible. Listen to real men of God who had meaningful insight like Pastor David Wilkerson, Dumitru Duduman, and etc. who were honest about who America is in Scripture. The whole world is under God's judgment which includes America. She will be the first big domino to fall. Keep thinking God won't punish this nation just because she is friends and nice to Israel. Jesus cannot return until the Jews welcome Him back. That is only going to happen when they are desperate for His help. As it happened with Joseph, it happens with Jesus. Joseph's brothers only returned to Him when they were desperate for help – when there was a famine in the land. With America protecting Israel, they will not be desperate enough to return to Him. Zechariah shows them only doing so once Jerusalem is under heavy assault and no one comes to their aid but the Messiah. Christians in America need to stop listening to interpretations like this and prepare for the worst.

  16. Kirk Spilsbury says:

    Hi David, I hope you read this,please consider another angle to Daniel 7. Daniel 7 is all about the first 3.5 years of the final week then judgment is passed in favour of the saints and then the wrath of God is poured out upon the earth. 1. The lion with eagles wings. Go to Google and type in Jerusalem flag it's a lion standing on two feet. The wings, America are plucked out. The alliance between Israel and America is broken. Legally as per the UN agreement signed into law the eastern half of Jerusalem belongs to Palestine. 2. the bear is Russia, agreed. The command "arise devour much flesh" this sounds like destruction with three ribs (nations) in it's mouth, stripped to the bone. Certainly this is war, the red horse 2nd seal. Between the lion with eagles wings and the bear it says in vs5 "suddenly another beast" so this happens rapidly seemingly without warning. All that is prophesied in vs1-5 has to be accomplished before vs6 can begin to be fulfilled thus it says vs6 "After this I looked..3..A leopard. This typically represents the middle east nations but not in this case. This is America transformed. Daniel 8 is more detail on Daniel 7. America breaks the two horn ram and is the male goat. After the male goat destroys the two horn ram the goats horn is broken (1st trumpet – nuclear by the bear) and the mortally wounded nation suffering the consequences of trumpet 1-3 and becomes divided into four. America/Obama divided Israel at UN resolution before leaving office. Four horns arise out of the mortally wounded goat, out of one of the horns (see Daniel 8:22) comes one who plucks the other three out by the roots. This is the antichrist, out of mystery Babylon, out of America. This also fulfills Rev17:11 America being the seventh beast and is also the eighth. The leopard, enforces sharia law, radical Islam. The leopard and the 4th beast in Daniel 7 are the two beasts in Revelation's. They form an alliance. The first seal the white horse, Islam still conquering. For a detailed understanding of this, it's necessary to look up Steve Cochran Prophecies on utube, one of his videos has a link below where you may purchase his book "The Graph" where all this plus much more is explained in detail. Consider Daniel 12:9 "And He said, go your way Daniel FOR THE WORDS ARE CLOSED UP AND SEALED till the time of the end" People have been teaching the book of Daniel and Revelation's for the last 100 plus years claiming God has shown them this and that. Steve's book "The Graph" was only released around 2017 and the updated edition is now available, totally different to any other interpretation being taught, Daniel unsealed, check it out for yourself. Ignore and you could suffer the devastating "consequences of ignorance" the bible warns us of. Get Steve Cochran on your show he's American I think in Colorado. The Lord God does nothing unless he first reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets. Nisan 1, bring the Jewish new year as per Exodus 12:2 which is next year March 26 could open the final week as God told Steve. The book explains why. It's no wonder God has warned His people "come out of her my people lest you take part of her plagues". The two witnesses, will be in sackcloth and mourning for 1260 days being persecuted by radical antichrist spirit, the beast. God Bless

  17. Alexander von Makedonien says:

    isnt the coat of arms of the house of windsor the sum total of all the creatures. a lion with the feet of a leopard and the head of an eagle something like that… and so on???

  18. BGSlam81 says:

    Dr. David Jeremiah has an amazing book called "The Book of Signs." It is amazing overview of what's to come and nothing in there has solid proof of where or what will happen to the US.

  19. Samson Messner says:

    I am Simon Barjona. For flesh and blood hath not revealed this to me but my father in heaven. I am just a servant. Please call me 209 922 4500

  20. Candy Skinner says:

    also I don't believe there is a prerapture because in Matthew 13:39 it says the harvest is the end of the world. Be ready saints! and God Bless!

  21. Candy Skinner says:

    I know there are a lot of bad things going on in America, but I do not believe it's Babylon because of the scripture in Revelation 18:13 says this place has merchandise of frankincense and America does not grow or sale frankincense.

  22. Clarence Lloyd says:

    What about Canada? Where does Canada fit in?

  23. Mary Hooper says:

    My favorite PASTOR

  24. Benjamin Wayland says:

    U Will Live Forever, one place or another, Heaven or Hell. Your choice!


  25. Angela Rasmussen says:

    This guy is deluded and a Zionist, whether he realizes it of not. Trump and Israel are not the hope to spare America. America will have to pay for its many sins. I love America, but I cannot pretend to not know of our many offenses to God. This is false hope. Watch Israeli News Live and Noahide laws if you want the truth about trump and Israel. Also, know more news with Adam green

  26. esther19741974 says:

    The problem with Irvin Baxter just like Steve Quayle etc is they all WORSHIP above EVERYTHING, Jews!!
    They have REPLACED Jesus Christ the singular seed of Abraham Galatians 3:16 to Jews, BLASPHEMOUS!!|
    Only those who believe in Jesus are counted for the Seed Romans 9:6 Romans 9:8
    Irvin worships them that are waiting for THEIR Jewish messiah.

  27. Maurilio D RAMOS says:

    Do You know why the dollar bills said in God we trust The USA God is the dollar bills the money is the USA god.

  28. Maurilio D RAMOS says:

    The USA is the second beast in Revelation. 13:1_18. Read DANIEL . 7:11.

  29. Tiamenba Anichar says:

    Pray, pray & pray Amen

  30. J M says:

    America is no better than ancient Israel. America's bread basket deficit and fault lines shaking with rising magma rising are dire warnings for legalized abortion and LGBTQ; and human trafficking, massacres and sacrifices to Baal. Repent, repent, repent.

  31. sky watcher says:

    I believe sudden destruction scripture will be fulfilled on Trumps watch. I used to believe all of this. But since Trumps election God has revealed much to many of us about the Sanhedrin and noahhide laws and how vatican and U.N. ties into it all. Trump is deeply involved

  32. Andy Amuwat says:

    Talking rubbish lol

  33. leonard henderson says:

    Read Rev. 3 chapter

  34. dowhat5084 says:

    Marry Christmas!? Happy Tamoos

  35. Theresa Flynn says:

    Where's the rest of interview??