Amazing Facts:The USA in Bible Prophecy part1

Can it be true? America in Bible prophecy-absolutely! but even more surprises await you as the bible reveals how the leading nation of the world came to exist and why!let’s see what biblical principles apply


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  1. Obey His Words says:

    Babylon has not been established yet. America, which is 5 % of the world's population, can not enforce a few middle eastern countries to go from Muslim rule to slave taxing capitalism. America will not enforce the mark. Satan and his angels, (the locusts in Revelation 9:3) will enforce the mark. America will give up all her freedoms to live another day in greed.

  2. Russ Warren says:

    If god is omnipotent, all knowing. Why does he ask for Abraham's thoughts? If he is everywhere, why does he have trouble finding Satan? Why make plants before making the sun? Why does god need a mouth, eyes, ears, or even a gall bladder or appendix? Why is he so consistently worried about my cock & balls and not poverty? Why spend all that time deciding on what to do with slaves if your product would eventually abolish it ? Why make a faulty product, then blame the product for being faulty ? Why pretend to offer free will if your plan was to deceive and refuse entry to all men ? Why deceive, your god, you don't need too. Why make women slaves to men, reduce their existence to that of a dumb animal? Why would anyone from a background of potential slavery, or any women give themselves to an evil god as such? Then you tell us we have a choice, that you are much kinder than that prick Allah. All we need to do is give ourselves blindly, without thought or conscience to you, and every single prayer will be answered! But there's also that thing about going to hell if we choose wrong. Not really a choice though is it? To turn your back on everything you know to be real, and true. Just to kick it with you for all eternity god. Sooooo glad you're not real.

  3. Doris Dsouza says:

    its great to know information that we did not know

  4. Willam Baker says:

    Thank you Pastor for explanation, you are speaking true , God bless you!

  5. true4013 says:

    the fatal wound of the beast was in reference to the league of nations, this group was givin power by the first beast with two horns rep. USA and Britian duel power.after the leaguefailed shortly after it was replaced by the U.N seeming healed

  6. bart hill says:

    pilgrims killed Indians that wouldn't convert. a republic is not a democracy, no pope as in no regulation means any rabi/preacher can blabber anything they want that's why this is the land of cults

  7. bart hill says:

    another maggot trickster. this guy is a jew in the video

  8. bart hill says:

    get lost jew trickster

  9. lebellerachael says:

    Unutterably pathetic bullshit! HAHAHAHA!!!

  10. Ken Brett says:

    2 different groups primarily both claiming to be "christian". One seized "assests" and used political power to gain influence begining mostly with the work of Emp. Constantine. Another, didn't follow traditional ways to attain authority, this group followed the literal teachings of Bible. The "Council", and others like them, were "called" by the first and organized themselves mostly in Alexandria and Rome, Italy. Hot issue was centered on translations, one wanted Latin, the other….

  11. alan ford says:

    where in the hell did Noah get polar bears from and penguins !!, the ark (which never existed) was supposed to be built in the middle east wasn't it ???

  12. alan ford says:

    you sad sad people, I thought americans were more intelligent that this load of rubbish. once again i feel so sorry for you, you sad sad people. find out who put the bible together (look at the council of nicea). wake up !!

  13. Ken Brett says:

    Thread "indignation"… accelerating as compared to the days of Noah. Noah's day reveals an attitude of moral degeration but this not all. 2 Timothy 3 paints a more accurate view of this "indignation" tied to the "2300 day/night prop.. Amazingly, the last work of indignation is a massive form of corrupt "christianity". How so ? Last 3 letters of John reveals him describing "antichrist" to pattern itself after Judas Iscariot. This fact gives us much info., this "indignation" is psuedo Jesus

  14. Ken Brett says:

    Thread "corn field"…here is theory based on the actual text invovled here. The actual text that Miller extrapulated his own interpretation did invovle a last empire on earth and that is a true fact. Miller's theory used one day = one year, found in about 3 places in Old T., this is NOT a correct interpretation. We are to look for 2300 actual days and not years. This is why prophet "Daniel" expresses the prophecy using the words "day"/"night". We R 2 look 4 the time when "indignation" is.

  15. Ken Brett says:

    Thread "heavenly events"…so why does White support Miller's theory but sees 2300 day/night prophecy from what we currently read as "Investigative Judgment". Well, one, she and a few others were humiliated in front of the world. White originally stood with Miller's belief that Jesus coming fall 1844 ADE. White and others were very humiliated ! White didn't wisely back away from a bad idea, rather, she found another man who redesign the entire fiasco when walking in a corn field….

  16. Ken Brett says:

    Her teaching on this entire subject was based on WIlliam MIller's error filled understanding of the 2300 day/night prophecy in the Book of Daniel. Don't forget this because it is the key that exposes her doctrine as unsound. So, if one were to actually read the prophecy, one would see how Daniel begins with former empires and then, speaks of a LAST EMPIRE that he links to a earthly kingdom and its king. No hint is given to anything remotely linked to ONLY heavenly events.

  17. tinytinymustrdseed says:

    …Jesus who is mediating on our behalf no longer needs to be in the Sanctuary, for we all will have made our minds up for God or sadly against God. Ellen G White refers to that time when she says "When He leaves the sanctuary… the righteous must live in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor." Has that made it any clearer? I don't know, but i hope so. God bless :0)

  18. tinytinymustrdseed says:

    Hey Ken, i'm not sure if this will help or not? But may I just try to explain a point you refer to RE Ellen White's book, The Great Controversy. I think you're saying that she says, since 1844 right up to the end of time (as we know it) we stand before God without Jesus mediating for us? What I believe she is saying, is that according to Revelations 22:11 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still… and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still…" The Book of Life and Death is closed..

  19. jeewan dhakal says:


  20. Samaritan Sentinel says:

    Learn about all aspects of the New World Order, including the upcoming reincarnation of the Antichrist, who created the plan for the New World Order over 4,000 years ago. He will be brought back to life using modern DNA technology, fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 17:8 This is proven in my FREE e-book I just released at the site below, including who the Antichrist is, how the New World Order started/progressed, what is to come, and what you should do. Peace! samaritansentinel (dot) com

  21. almetcalf says:

    Ken Brett is obviously a deluded false Christian or a Jesuit. Think about it, why would he feel the need to post so many posts against SDA's?

  22. Ken Brett says:

    That is good to hear.

  23. jeffnbarb says:

    I QUIT the SDA church,because they follow Ellen White,a FALSE prophet.God's word SHOULD be studied,NOT some self proclaimed FALSE prophet,who speaks NOT according to the Word of God.

  24. keltin quesnel says:

    More anti-Catholic rhetoric. If it wasn't for Martin Luther you protestants wouldn't exist.
    You are all heretics. This guy is a wack job !

  25. Ken Brett says:

    Happy Sabbath…for SDA follwoers who follow EGW do you really believe that one must "stand without a mediator" and present yourself to a Holy God in your own "perfection"…pls. read "Great Controversy" yrslf then read the New Testament without any interference from SDA books, tapes etc. Do you really think Jesus is elsewhere otehr than at the right hand of the Father until all enemies are subjected to Christ authority ? Read Stephen's vision in "Acts", reread Hebrews …Peace in Christ.

  26. Ken Brett says:

    "Standing alone without a mediator" is Ellen White's choice of words in her famous book "Great Controversy"…she actually puts forth the notion that all followers from 1844 ADE till the end of days must stand before God in our own "perfection" ! Please stay reading the New Testament and trust in Jesus and avoid this notion and group.

  27. Ken Brett says:

    It will not do any person good to understand this when SDA General Conference teaches leaders like Bachelor and Asscherick and Finley etc to teach the doctrine of Investigative Judgment aka 1844 Doctrine. All of SDA General Conference is based on Ellen White's faulty teaching. White believes all believers in Christ must stand all by themselves from the time of 1844 ADE till the end of time. This is the language Ellen White uses in her controversial book "Great Controversy".

  28. chattown09 says:

    very poorly done. this is the most far fetched prophecy interpretation. Christians look to the Bible to see Jesus, not Law and not this non sense.

  29. bart hill says:

    the pilgrims killed indians when they wouldnt convert

  30. GrayEagle48 says:


  31. glinnz05 says:

    the e.u(beast) and the vatican(head of the beast) are the one world system, America has 80% un-employment and 75% on welfare, we gave n.a.s.a and our military equipment to the e.u, and when the b.p stunt went down hussein kenyan the illegal alien sent all of our oil rig equipment to venezuala if i remember right, were i live we have walmart and mcdonalds left, thats it, AMERICA IS DONE, GONE,FINISHED read duetoronomy ch:28 to the end….

  32. samuel tucker says:

    In spite of everything bro I will be praying for you, I pray your family is well, stay strong in the Lord.

  33. Mary A says:

    READ THE BIBLE – REVELATION CHAPTERS 17 & 18 – THE USA IS "MYSTERY BABYLON" ! Do not be deceived by theologians who claim she is the apostate church or Catholic Church. Mystery Babylon is a NATION – the largest consumer in the world, whose destruction causes the world's merchants to mourn because they have lost their main consumer. THIS IS NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, OR ANY CHURCH ! Beware of false teachers who spread this fallacy – & heed Jesus' warning : "COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE.." (Rev.18:4)

  34. Sing A Psalm says:

    Obviously, that are many interpretations of what is stated in the Bible. In the end, no amount of arguing is going to change what will happen. Pastor Batchelor DOES encourage his listeners to follow along and study the Bible for themselves. If you prefer a more current series on prophecy, there are many on Youtube. I viewed the five-part series called Anchors of Truth by Pastor John Lomacang and found it to be excellent. I think it was presented within the last 18 months. God bless.

  35. Warren NZ says:

    " jesus said new test…"
    Except for the fact that there's no evidence for Jesus' existence outside the Bible. LOL

  36. Warren NZ says:

    The truth about Biblical prophecy:

  37. Jesse G. says:

    You must be blind deaf and stupid not to belive him jesus said new test ( if you love me you will keep my fathers commandments ur with me or AGAINST ME . Plain and simple .

  38. dcphoto80 says:

    He is dead wrong. Watch Walid Shoebat for real prophecy interpretation…

  39. DChan87 says:

    This belief the US has a role in biblical prophecy (which as I pointed out, is impossible), is particularly dangerous because of people in positions of power, like john hagee, who believe this nonsense. Because of this, this kind of thinking is starting to bleed into mainstream Christianity. It needs to stop before something REALLY BAD happens. In fact, this very belief can be used as argument for why we need absolute separation of church and state.