Altitude and Attitude

Altitude determines our attitude. The Scriptures tell us as Believers we have been “risen with Christ.” Our conscious attention should be to “seek those things which are above.” In other words, our interests should be around our risen Lord and the things that He has accomplished. We need to dwell not only on what the Biblical record tells us, but also on what He is doing now through the Holy Spirit. When our altitude rises no higher than current events, we will experience a bumpy ride in the storm clouds of life’s issues. As we center our attention on the things of the world, our spiritual sight will be severely limited. When we realize our position in the Kingdom of God, we will be able to see things through God’s perspective instead of through the distorted vision that the world presents. Our actions will be centered around the Word and not around our feelings and emotions. When we “fly” low, we tend to ignore God’s “radar.” God will expose corruption and evildoers and will bring to naught their plots and ploys. It is the Believers calling to present the answer and not to try to take on God’s role.

If altitude determines attitude, how do we get off the launching pad and begin our ascent to the Heavenlies? Our attitude is birthed through our spirit, not our head. The more we feed our inner man, the more likely we are to achieve a higher altitude and with that a better attitude. Our spirits are what connect us to God, while our minds determine the actions we want to display. Think for a minute how all the negative activities surrounding the political arena affect us. We become mad, angry, and upset, which affects us not only physically but spiritually. To help appease our unbiblical feelings, we put out negative acknowledgement of the misguided through our social media outlets. If we are honest, we will admit that we become addicted to exposing the “enemy” at the expense of our Bible reading and prayer. Unbiblical energy will have a direct influence on our altitude.

Believers must draw people’s attention to the positive message of the Gospel, instead of the negative aspects of a sinful world. We are called to be the light of the world. We are to dispel darkness by the words of our mouth and our actions. Our light is not to illuminate the actions of the unsaved! We are more than a year away from the Presidential election and we have spent so much energy in drawing attention to those who may not be around in a few months. People’s attitudes are affected by positives and challenged by negatives. When we lose our excitement for the Kingdom, it will not be long before carnal issues will dominate our thoughts and actions.

The joy of the Lord is our strength! Let us ascend through the clouds of despair. Let us rise above the storms and experience The Throne Room of God. Let our attitude rejoice in the fact that we are in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus and, when we do, we will be in a better position to see the whole picture and realize God has everything under control. (Colossians 3:1, 2; Matthew 5:14; Nehemiah 8:10)

By Paul W Hoffmaster

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