Allen Parr on Are Catholics Considered Christians: Michael Lofton's First Impression Review

Allen Parr on Are Catholics Considered Christians: Michael Lofton’s First Impression Review

Michael Lofton offers a first impression review of Allen Parr’s Video on “Are Catholics Considered Christians?” The original video may be found here:
Disclaimer: Any view expressed by a host, contributor or guest is not necessarily reflective of the views of other hosts, contributors or guests.


Disclaimer: Any view expressed by a host, contributor or guest is not necessarily reflective of the views of other hosts, contributors or guests.

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  1. Alex Wahl says:

    One person you might want to research is Patrick Baptist. Maybe do a reaction video to his claims. He seriously is spreading bad information

  2. Rodger Groyim says:

    Video starts at 3:50

  3. Ilonka Stille says:

    Who do they think they are , asking if catholics are Christian???
    The Church instituted by Christ is NOT Christian? How indoctrinated and brainwashed can one be?

  4. Jack Humm91 says:

    I am currently a Protestant but the more I read about the churches history and the teachings of the church fathers. Along with how Luther never wanted to leave the church in the first place it is really making me consider Catholicism. Along with that I would also point out the idea of solo scriptura. It would work if Protestants were in one church but that just isn’t the case because a lack of centralized authority. I like to say Protestants are the anarchist of Christianity everyone individual does their own thing a bit different

  5. Justin Head says:

    Kudos to you Michael for properly defining Sola Scriptura, as a Protestant I appreciated this charity that lead to a more fruitful discussion

  6. Rubecork says:

    All Church documents equate Christian with being Catholic.
    Non-Catholics need to read at least the first 50 pages of the book "Christian Denominations" by Krull at the Internet Archive.

  7. Joe A says:

    When debating with Protestants, "you must first bind the strawman" "strongman"

  8. Socksonmafeet says:

    Thank you, this video is extremely helpful!

  9. Cat Trad FSSP says:

    Garbage, those type of YouTubers piss me off!!!!!!! Where do you get this guys from???? Brothers I give you credit for 30+ minutes of enduring nonsense.

  10. swoosh1mil says:

    Looking forward to the next episode in this series. Move over Netflix…I got R&T, I can binge watch!

  11. swoosh1mil says:

    You mean to tell me that Allen Parr can actual speak!?! I thought he just invited guests onto his show and nodded his head. But after listening to his opening statement about there being one Catholic Church in the beginning…he's better off not saying anything at all and just inviting others to speak on his show and nodding his head.

  12. M V says:

    Reminds me of the Latvian Orthodox Sienfield episode haha

    "The hat conveys that solemn religious look you want in the faith, very pious"

  13. alphacenturian says:

    I did commentary on Allen Parr’s vid too, but it wasn’t as bad as Mike’s hot takes. Very base protestant objections. I like Allen Parr & can tolerate his objections & concessions much more than I can Mike Winger’s argumentation and presentation.

  14. Andrew Drew says:

    Faith in Catholicism and Protestantism is identical, the main issue is when one comes across “ condign and congruent merit “
    We all know that the initiation or catalyst of reformed theology stemmed from merit of absolution held within the indulgence heresy .

  15. Roger Shaw says:

    I was afraid to listen (have a tendency to get angry at Protestants teaching their followers their misunderstandings) but pleasantly surprised Parr wasn’t aa bad aa I thought he’d be after seeing him nod and nod with Winger. Hope he is willing to watch this review.

  16. Andrew says:

    How long until a small storm has started in the Evangelical community over Lofton and Trent's videos?

  17. Fabbeyond Jefe says:

    Such a western Americancentric understanding of Christianity . He didn’t even touch on the African oriental churches .

  18. Robert Lopez says:

    He conceded in the first few seconds. Ha. Turn his video off.

  19. Cactoid Jim says:

    Alan Parr says you must receive ALL 7 SACRAMENTS to enter Heaven.

    That's good for my married Eastern Rite priest, but bad for everyone else, lol.