Abundant Life Church – Fire (Live)


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  1. norman cunningham says:

    Just Awesome, Hally Lally.

  2. Jonny Whitaker says:

    Love this song and love the church it's such a powerful song

  3. evan ray says:

    Such a powerful song that can cause your spirit to rise upย in christ Jesus…

  4. Kevin Hey says:

    i can remeber being there that night it was amzing night

  5. James Perry says:


  6. Danzal says:

    So glad , to hear that you found Christ ! Lets all rejoice in him God bless you !
    We are all truly happy in HIM !

  7. oj halleluyaj says:

    its very good in enthronement ^_^

  8. Samantha Forsyth says:

    song id the best!! reminds me of how much god loves me! saw mark stevens before and love him so much<3 GOD LOVES YOU ALL!!!!!!

  9. Charlotte Jones says:

    its so good to see many youth coming to know god. its makes my spirit rejoice when i see youth really involved in worship ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Joseph Wee says:

    This song is amazing. Do you happen to have an mp3 download of this, or know where I can download this from? I tried searching iTunes Store but it doesn't seem to be out on the market yet…

  11. BlueSkies129 says:

    My church, city harvest Singapore, spent a whole worship night just dwelling on this single song alone. It's so personal and has such impactful lyrics, praise the Lord ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Laura neal says:

    grate song this is my church singing these song's there awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. dainty tan says:


  14. sha3665 says:

    Tks….for the awesome song…When i sing before my prayer i can feel the fire of God is in me! Tks for the download, God bless You!

  15. Deborah Parish says:

    May that fire burn brighter and brighter love it!!