A Shepherd Boy Finds the Dead Sea Scrolls (children's apologetics)


This tells the exciting story of how a Bedouin shepherd boy found the Dead Sea Scrolls while looking for a lost goat. Then I tell how very important this find is, how it shows that God’s Word hasn’t changed in over 2000 years — in other words, we can trust the Bible. The Isaiah Scroll is used to present the Gospel. For children 4 – 10, but I’ve been told by adults that they enjoyed it, as well. This is part of my Children’s Apologetic Series which includes “The Master Builder”, “Jesus as Prophesied in the Old Testament”, “A Gospel Treasure Hunt”, “Kids, God Made Marriage!”, “Gravity, George Washington, and God”, and “Miracles, Butterflies, & Resurrection”.

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I have 7 children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. I’ve taught women’s or children’s Sunday School classes for over 25 years. Originally I compiled my Bible audios for my young grandson, aiming them at children 4-10 years old (though many adults have told me that they’ve also enjoyed them and learned from them). The purpose of my audios is several fold: (1) To teach the Bible stories to children, (2) to do this in order, teaching that there is a continuity to them, that they aren’t just disconnected “bedtime stories”, (3) to show the faithfulness of God and how He keeps His promises and fulfills His prophecies, and (4) to tie in to the Gospel in each audio with reasons to believe (apologetics). Controversy is carefully avoided. I have over 60 Bible audios and DVDs for children on Sermonaudio.com where they are free for downloading. (Just type in my unusual first name [Joelee] or “children’s Bible audios” when you get there!)




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