A Race of Giants

Legends speak of Giants that once walked the earth. In America alone there have been over 1,500 newspaper accounts, including 3,781 skeletons of a race of blond-haired giants discovered and exhumed. Where did the evidence go? Did the Smithsonian Institution cover it up?

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  1. Hey There says:

    I'm pretth sure humans are the reason why all these giants are extinct. Like everything else, they destroyed them because they feared them.

  2. Quantium says:

    If you had an understanding of human biology, then you'd know that a bipedal humanoid cannot be upscaled into giant sizes because of biological limitations.

  3. Rodney London says:

    Earth millions of year's old I don't think so

  4. A Wikked Moon says:

    "And the SONS of god came down and TOOK(raped) the daughters of men"-gen ch 6. Believe it or not, god was the devil. And his sons came down raped our women and the grandsons of god(devil) were the Nephilim giants. They were so horrible that god flooded the earth to get rid of them. BUT! god blames us for what his sons and grandsons did. The reason why the materialist rulers tell lies about that we went to the moon and put into the Smithsonian institute every Nephilim giant that is found, is so that we can't find out the truth of who they are and who WE are. The materialist rulers who in these moments of time have everyone on earth on probation with the covid lie are the descendants of the Nephilim giants. The kings and queens of old were all descendants of the real devil(god). That's why they all married only with other so called royalty to keep their blood line going. WE! The children of light are not even of this universe that is really hell. Find out what you've never heard of because it was kept from you. "The Gnostic Truth, Unity vs Division".

    . "The Gnostic Truth, The Sacred Secret".

    . Peace.

  5. TortureBot says:

    At 36:55, footprints were 9 1/2" long by 6" wide, 18" apart (I guess distance from left to right foot?). Sounds small for length, over average for width, and maybe someone slightly bowlegged for distance between feet? Not that big of a deal really, is it? 9 1/2" long is kind of small really???

  6. lolbored801 says:

    What the fuck am i watching? lol

  7. BroCope says:

    I wonder if the roots of the enmity between the Indians and the white man is grounded in the traditions that the cannibal giants were white skinned and fair haired. Are there any traditions concerning fear of the white man d from cannibalism? I don't know. I am asking.

  8. BroCope says:

    The reported find in Zanesville, Ohio, I can attest to. I researched the sdtory in the microfiche of the local paper. I even photocopied it, but now at 73 I can't remember what I did with it. The newspaper article said the skeleton was shipped of to the Smitsonian. It was never heard about ever again. The newspaper microfiche was a first hand account.

  9. Shepard says:

    This movie was made from fake bull shit doctored images shown on other sites. This giant race crap is a bunch of bull shit. It's not the Nephilim.

  10. Ami Riegel says:

    And real people know that the dead peoples bones shrink after death as they dry up.

  11. Ami Riegel says:

    Freezeing and thawing…oh come on. We wernt born under a box.

  12. Sykes says:

    During the French and Indian War, Col. George Washington, was ordered to build Ft. Loudoun, in Virginia. While constructing the fort, he and his troops uncovered a graveyard of giants . They covered them up and finished the fort, that is today a historical site.

  13. Allen Dennison says:

    Because Evolution is a Big Lie!

  14. Frank Sanginiti says:

    NBA never had 8,10,12,15 footers or more, there tallest is 7feet 7, since the early 1800 hundreds only a few about 20 or so people have been reliable measured at 8feet or more, the tallest 8feet 11. None of these tall people were from giants. There great height was from pituitary gland disorder. Goliath was 9feet9, his family was from the giants of old, og king of bashan, his bed was over 13 feet long and 6feet wide, the bible tells of other giant races. Billions have lived since the early 1800 hundreds, and no one has reached 9feet9 or beyond. If so you can be sure that there parents were also giants, not a person of a pituitary gland disorder. Like others have said, people of different countries all have stories of giants living in there lands in times past, and stories of a great flood.

  15. Alexander Cooney says:

    18:48 complete doctored photo,,, not even well done.

  16. Drag Post says:

    You have to understand the first age world which was not in human but Spirit. KJV Bible

  17. Marc St.james says:

    this is just another sideways attack on the scientific community….. this is just BS.

  18. James Wilson says:

    Thinner air = bigger Bodies…. Older than we thought?

  19. biggest D says:

    Check out mud floods giant from the great tartarian empire what we call the United states

  20. Dan Hardin says:

    Scientific UFO Research Group: Suforgroup.weebly.com