A Dialogue With Archangel Metatron About Angels and God

My wife, Jill is an Avatara a trance-channeller. She has the capability to raise her vibrational power, to that of the Angelic Realm, and let them to talk by her. She goes into trance, and I am capable to have conversations with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angels and smart Light-weight-Beings from other planets.

This is a dialogue I experienced with Archangel Metatron:-

Glenn: Who am I chatting to?

Archangel Metatron: My name is Metatron. I have guided you considering the fact that beginning. I have watched over you. I have presided over you. You have preferred a tricky undertaking in this life span. You have preferred a lot of, a lot of hardships and by all those hardships you have come to be solid, which is what ‘we’ agreed.

Glenn: Metatron, you know that I’ve just read a lot of items about you. I’ve just read for a lot of moments right now, about you but they are only items I have ‘read’ of you, Metatron who are you?

Metatron: Bear in mind that these items that are created are not constantly as they seem to be.

Glenn: I know that and you also know I’ve been ready to communicate to you… (Metatron cuts me off.)

Metatron: I am the soul of Elohim.

Glenn: Who is Elohim?

Metatron: I am the 1 that is ‘will’ of God, of The Creator. I am your 1 real connection to The Creator. Devoid of me, there ‘is’ no Creator there is no connection to The Creator.

Glenn: What is your connection with the other angels?

Metatron: I’m their overseer. I was preferred by The Creator to oversee the connection and the bridge between the angels and mankind.

Glenn: So it is really real you ‘sit beside’ The Creator?

Metatron: Yes!

Glenn: Which I know I can’t understand.

Metatron: You have no comprehension of the vastness.

Glenn: Is it real that you in a lifetime you were being Enoch?

Metatron: I was a lot of names together with Yehwah.

Glenn: Yehwah?

Metatron: Yehwah!

Glenn: And we realize Yehwah in Hebrew to be God?

Metatron: God comes in a lot of sorts: The Creator, Allah, Buddha. They are all 1.

Glenn: I realize that, but why would you be presented the name Yehwah?

Metatron: It was ordained with the 1 imagined, the 1 development, you simply cannot understand.

Glenn: I realize (Laughing.). There is an oxymoron: I realize, I simply cannot understand. I realize, I simply cannot understand, so what is your romantic relationship to The Creator to God?

Metatron: I am the real connection. Devoid of me there is no connection.

Glenn: This means?

Metatron: I am the vein the capillary that connects you to The Creator.

Glenn: But that would be stated of Michael, Azrael, Gabriel… (Metatron interrupts).

Metatron: No! They are intermediaries, and will remain as so, as they were being designed as this kind of.

Glenn: In the Bible… (Metatron laughs.) You mock?

Metatron: You must be cautious of this Bible.

Glenn: I am cautious of this (Laughing.). I’ve not even read the Bible, but I have the tester. (The tester is our friend who has phenomenal skills of the a lot of Bibles.) You’re aware of the tester. In the Bible it refers to folks ‘speaking’ to God.

Metatron: The word of God has been misconstrued through time. For political and electric power usage. Much more so than you can imagine.

Glenn: Probably not!

Metatron: It has come to be a depth which has designed your downfall. So substantially implication has been set ‘on’ this word. In its place of feeling the God and The Creator that we created within you are ‘of’ God, internally. Your whole becoming is of God and jointly collectively produces the 1 God imagined The Creator, the universe the whole intelligence connection.

Glenn: Azrael spoke to me of not just kids, but adults and if they really don’t believe that they will not go over?

Metatron: No they will not.

Glenn: How does this produce an imbalance in the universe?

Metatron: When the souls go by that do not believe that they are held in a hell (corrects) a keeping space. Glenn: Did I listen to a Freudian slip there with the ‘hell’? (Laughs out loud.)

Metatron: Yes! It’s not hell. Mankind produces its very own hell. They are held within an space, and by time and by function the angels the archangels they finally assist all those souls reconnect with The Oneness. Some souls are beyond assist.

Glenn: I’m not sure that you answered my dilemma. How does it produce an imbalance in the universe?

Metatron: The energies of human beings and the power of the earth aircraft reverberate to a particular pace dimension as you desire to get in touch with it. And it is from this dimension that produces the power to sustain and preserve the universes and galaxies that unfold in advance of and are not of human comprehending. And when you have a lapse in 1, it produces a deficit in the other or a optimistic in the other.

Let’s just glimpse at power. We have to be balanced. We have to have a damaging and a optimistic. Far too substantially optimistic or far too substantially damaging produces an imbalance. It simply cannot be sustained. Glenn: Metatron I realize this and but, I also realize that in the increased plan of items, mankind has now recommended that there are 46 billion galaxies in the universe so why should 1 small planet, with this kind of several folks, in comparison to the rest of the universe, have any effect on the universe in any way.

Metatron: How would you really feel, if 1 mobile within your entire body turned towards the rest? How would that 1 mobile within alone produce sickness and distortion within your extremely very own entire body?

Glenn: Superior analogy! Yeah I like that.

Metatron: And all it takes, is 1 mobile, or as you get in touch with it, 1 poor apple, to change the some others poor. Now… Azrael wishes to communicate with you, and I will leave you for now, but I will return.

Glenn: Metatron, it is really been great to communicate to you, thank you.

By Glenn M. E. Harrison

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