A Day in The Life With Christian Guzman & Steve Cook

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Christian Guzman

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    Guzman in gymshark?
    What did i run into?
    Who else is here after alphalete

  2. Siddharth Choudhary says:

    who is watching this in 2020 steve looks so big in 2015.

  3. Amanda Carlson says:

    Preworkout and monster and christian still passed out?? haha

  4. Amanda Carlson says:

    love the cardio for the "mind right" time! and yes, LA fitnesses everywhere are cold as hell lol gotta get HOT!

  5. Maarten Cuyvers says:

    Yeah guys, 2 of my favorite youtubers and fitness idols !

  6. norm loughran says:

    Great vid with two fantastic gentlemen in the industry. Thanks to both. Norm.

  7. Daniel Barney says:

    Steve has change, a lot. pass vlog of Steve looks completely different.

  8. Cody Peña says:

    The song was LIT!!!

  9. mike varvara says:

    Javon great edit . Great music .

  10. BrennanBTJ181 says:

    Dude In the back at 8:06 saw two buff ass dudes shopping for underwear together and dipped the fuck out lmao

  11. LeChasseur says:

    Does anyone have a link for the shirt Christian wears at the beginning of the video? It's amazing!

  12. عبدالرحمن صادق - b-مهدي says:

    i dont like what you tow do about tradition muslim ☺

  13. Christopher Day says:

    Warrior is much better than South Paw!

  14. BrodyWardell Raps says:

    how can I ride one

  15. Greg Santana says:

    Damn that juice makes Steve look good on a bulk, but as you can tell with CG not being on juice and being natural he just looks fat but hey that's the easiest way to tell! So enough with these BS phonies who can't tell the difference here's an example right in front of your face

  16. Explore With Alex says:

    One of the best videos i've watched! :)) You are great, guys!

  17. Paul Branigan says:

    song @ 3;20 anyone?

  18. David Banuta says:

    what job do u have?

  19. Joseph Jaramillo says:

    best content.. never fails

  20. Big gains says:

    whys Steve not so lean now

  21. Brayden H says:

    Where's David laid?

  22. Rakan mohammed says:

    Where I can find this t-shirt from??

  23. William Markl says:

    1:47 cuz its warm out there ^^
    warm up means to use the muscle right?

  24. bearsuit Clan says:

    I'll have you know I was the underwear model that was called basic by this idiot cameraman


  25. Iron Mountain says:

    Is steve natty?

  26. Josh Claudio says:

    Damn, Javon…. Back at it again with the sick edits!!

  27. HorrorTube says:

    How do you guys count your macros if you go to restaurants

  28. Kenny S says:

    what shoes are steve and christian wearing at @2:172:19 thanks!

  29. bNjiful says:

    Guzman -> look like Ben Affleck in young

  30. Reno Lopez says:

    Steve cook a beast.

  31. Tim Marfurt says:

    Is this blue gymshark shirt, christian is wearing in the beginning still available somehow?

  32. Anonymous Human Being says:

    somebody tell me the name of this energy remix

  33. Jett TheThreat says:

    Hey guys just uploaded my first video tryna become the next fitness channel any support is absolutely love I'm new to it all idk if it's frowned upon to self market your self on other channels but plz feel free to watch and if you like what you see subscribe and leaves a thumbs up I'll return the favor thanks so much

  34. Reunion Prince says:

    is it just me or do they switch shirts every 10 minutes

  35. The physics channel says:

    Javon is a god

  36. Dean Lauvina says:

    Always watch this pre-workout. How can you not be inspired to workout when you watch the two sickest fitness dudes in the industry?

  37. Hue Le-Yon says:

    What is the song during the workout ? Please

  38. Familia Caballero says:

    2:55 favorite segment of all of christian's videos

  39. Edward Kim says:

    whats the song at 3:30?

  40. TI3R LEVEL FITNESS says:

    dude looks way more chizzled that stage cook in his "thumbnail" in reality he's not even close

  41. Adam Malarczyk says:

    Someone link me to the song at 3:40 pls? It's a drake remix, can't find it anywhere.

  42. Adam Malarczyk says:

    Typical douchebag shit. Got to have most expensive shit.

  43. Brandon Reid says:

    I know the song used during the workout is Enemies, but who did the remix? and whats it called? and great video work btw!

  44. Mark Fitness and Lifestyle says: