8. The Other Women of the Bible – Jael

Hi, I am Larry Watlington of GETL Ministries and I am excited to present this series I call “the other women of the Bible”
There are many dynamic and powerful women mentioned throughout the Bible
We all know the stories of Eve, Rachel, Ruth, Esther or Mary to name a few
However, there are some powerful messages incased in the lives of some of the “Other” women in the Bible whose stories are not as pristine or poetic such as Tamar, Jael, Lot’s Daughters or Rahab.

Even though many were abused, treated unfairly or looked down upon, God’s hand and scarlet thread of Salvation ran through the lives of these ladies
This series will focus on how God used these “Other” women of the Bible to shape the path for the coming of Jesus Christ!
I pray that their stories will encourage, heal and provide positive examples of the Love, Grace and Mercy that Jesus Christ has for you, no matter how broken you life may seem to be.

Larry Watlington

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  1. May Shalomaine says:

    Jael, what a woman, she got on with business!

  2. Shiloh Wall says:

    I lived how She killed Sisera now Jael is my kind of woman the kind that i want to meet and marry and spend the rest of my life with Her for eternity in the new heaven and earth!

  3. Shiloh Wall says:

    Jael was a beautiful African woman!