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  2. Okwethu Shabangu says:

    "Trials birth triumph" lord, let your will be done in my life

  3. Timothy Morris says:

    Please remember myself and wife Maria in this marriage she's constantly like this with me all I can do is pray and not say anything anymore believing God to deliver her and myself asking for prayers for us Please

  4. John Mirenna says:

    Good morning loved ones. Have a blessed and safe day today as you go out and go in

  5. Joan Evangelo says:

    It's hard not to be angry when someone attacks you and cracks your spine and makes you a cripple.

  6. Roger Ramos says:


  7. Tripp Bomshell says:

    It's , I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me not which strengthens me!

  8. Heathen That Heretic says:

    I’ve read the entire bible and nothing about any passage changed anything other than the way I thought and perceived the world around me.
    It didn’t change my life other than my daily habits such as going to church. Other than that, nothing profound came out of it.
    Which lookin*back at it, it was more harmful than helpful.

  9. Gabriel says:

    If God is with us, who can be against us? For I am a vessel of the Lord and HE abides in me and I in Him. Blessed are the children of the Almighty One True God.

  10. Kendrick Harris- Kenfinity says:

    HALLELUJAH! There's NOTHING that OUR unparalleled Lord and savior won't REVEAL and TAKE CARE OF for ALL of US who LOVE and BELIEVE in him. Proverbs 30:5, Romans 10:9, Isaiah 41:10 and Lamentations 3:22, 23. Stay safe everyone!

  11. ch1 Il says:

    Want two bible verse's that will change your life read Isaiah 14:12 and revelation's 22:16 and tell me what that mean's.

  12. hosea Matavao says:

    This chapter i'm on it when i begin in the (Morning) and closing of the day but James 1:4-12 i've got to (Keep) that close this walk with (God) is(Not) easy still here i love you (God)

  13. HalaluYAH says:

    This is the Truth in regards to the One and ONLY Elohim, the Creator of heaven and earth and of mankind and of all things, YAHUAH !!! The Holy name that He himself proclaimed to Moses on Mount Sinai which they have tried to cover up and replace with titles such as “Lord” or “Lord God” which are pagan titles and translations of babylonian false gods (ba’al). His Holy Name is the biggest revelation in the whole Torah (True Word and Law of YAHUAH) and it is the first Commandment given to us as an eternal memorial to know and address our One Creator by His Holy Name YAHUAH!!! Then He clearly says do not take my name to vain !!! (3rd Commandment). The other most crucial Truth which they have tried to twist and pervert with their lies and through which they have deceived people into worshipping the beast and blaspheme against YAHUAH our Elohim is the name of our Holy Messiah the Son of YAHUAH and his true biblical name is Yahusha (the name His Father in heaven gave him not men, as the original hebrew text shows us) not jesus christ!! Yahusha(YAH-yasha)translates as YAHUAH is Salvation! Because he would come in the name of His Father our Elohim to bring His Salvation and it’s the only Name under the heavens that has the power to save!!! The name “jesus christ” does not embody the Father’s name but something completely else!! It was created by emperor costantine at the council of nicea in an attempt to bring peace and unification to the roman empire by bringing all the pagan gods who were being worshipped at distant parts of the empire (all names of Tammuz the babylonian false god, the names simply changed after being dispersed from the tower of babel) into this one false image of our Messiah who could be accepted by all pagans unified by a false “universal religion”. The many pagan names were narrowed down to the most worshiped and influental of the time, hesus (the hellenized version of the true Messiah giving glory to their false god zeus not to the true Elohim YAHUAH) ,horus, and krishna which later evolved into jesus h. christ. The first letters of these three names in greek chi, xi and sigma are actually the letters which were shown to John himself to be the symbol of the beast and they were added together in a numerical value in error by the translators which would make for the number 666 hence the misconception that this number is the symbol of the beast. In light of this new false religion and false image of the Messiah was also changed the Holy Sabbath of YAHUAH (Saturday, 4th Commandment!!!) to sunday offering worship to their babylonian pagan sungod! They elevated this false image and abomination as god incarnate when YAHUAH clearly said He could never be human!!! (Hosea 11, Numbers 23:19) Yahusha himself (the Real Messiah) said over and over again that he was the Son of Man (meaning he came in the flesh, simple human like us), he had to learn obedience through struggle and was baptized for the remission of sins before beginning his ministry (Zechariah 3:4) and he himself declared the Shema as the Greatest Commandment of all. “Hear o Israel! YAHUAH our Elohim, YAHUAH is One !!!” Christianity is the carbon copy of the abominable babylonian religion and has deceived so many people with its false trinity and incarnation doctrines (YAHUAH is One he is neither a bi-entity nor a trinity and he can never be human!!!) its pagan holydays and day of worship (not the true ordained feasts of YAHUAH mentioned in The Torah) its false teachings about the Law (the Law was not abolished) and its false image of the Messiah (the beast in disguise)!! I’m not asking you to believe me or agree with me i’m inviting you to investigate and seek the Truth for yourself!! I’ll share a website that has all of this researched knowledge i mentioned and the whole Truth of our Almighty Creator in much detail for any question you may have: “www.sabbathcovenant.com” and 3 youtube channels which dive on these topics: “YAHUSHA KING” “The Sabbath Covenant” and “ Messenger Of The Name”. Whoever has a heart for the Truth let them hear! Seek YAHUAH the One and Only Elohim and His True Word!!

  14. CoWinkcidence says:

    10 “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. (‭Luke‬ ‭16‬:‭10‬ ESV)

  15. Olga Carmen Forsyth Sanchez says:


  16. mjoan1975 says:


  17. Van Griffin says:


  18. Jack Palmer says:


  19. Larry D Bishop says:

    As the 'DAY of The LORD' approaches – All the Names of 'God and Jesus' ARE BLOTTED OUT of the 'Lamb's Book of Life' – Even 'thefirstandthelastthe beginningandtheend' IS NOT 'WRITTEN' in 'David's L>B>O>L> (Rev.13:8/10)



  21. Milas United says:

    This is truth.

  22. Blessing Jona says:

    Amen I receive this message in the Name of Jesus Christ I have to be loving toward my fellow man and be not angry or bitter

  23. Christopher Sherman says:

    Be Greatful for what you got. I think there is a song about that somewhere. Probably came from somewhere like this.

  24. HUDSON JOSEPH says:

    As the scripture says: Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33 KJV
    Many will take covid-19 vaccine thinking they are saving themselves but the truth is they will be doomed forever. WAIT AND SEE!!!, LET HE WHO HAS EARS HEAR FROM THE LORD!!

  25. Miles Nolan says:

    And I'm not encouraged about people.

  26. Miles Nolan says:

    I don't know I'm a loner all my life.And I never got the feeling that I should hang out with society.Ever!And by being a loner .Im able to see people for what they are.

  27. Janice Coleman says:

    Janice Amen.

  28. Felicia Schuler says:

    Will we all be men in heaven? Will I be a man in heaven? Does the soul not have male or female attributes?

  29. Shannette Watson says:

    Lean on God and not on our own understanding. God is our strength, hope, healer, way maker, provider, refuge, future and much more. Accept our Lord and Saviour while their is still time. Jesus sits high and sits low. Accepting the Lord and Savior will be the best decision you would ever make. Yes Jesus of Nazareth still remains; and still stands.

  30. Shannette Watson says:

    Let go of idols, resentment, anger, bitterness. Let Go and let God lead. Its not worth it we are accountable for how we live on earth. We must live in peace, love, joy, forgiveness and repentance. Be holy for thy God is holy.

  31. King Chance says: