11 Surprising Facts About Islam

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  1. naila fathima says:

    I am muslim an i love being muslim❤

  2. Shareef Taher says:

    Im muslim

  3. kim jade rosario says:

    muslim is not terorist judge a man by his character not his religion..

  4. jomana adel says:


  5. funvidz4you says:

    Your fact about the Ramadan was partly incorrect. We don’t fast because we feel with the poor but because it’s the 9th month of the islamic calendar. It’s the month when the holy Quran was created. Muslims vast on this particular month to receive forgiveness for everything they’ve done wrong in their life’s. It’s a month of forgiving and reuniting with family and enforce the bond between mind and religion.

  6. Yesukie Fayakoe says:


    The second best religion? ORIGINALLY ISLAM IS THE FIRST RELIGION.

  7. Farmer2492 says:

    slam is an evil cult. Islam was founded by a slave trading, mass murdering, pedophile, rapist named Muhammad. Muslims claim to worship the same God as Abraham, but call God Allah, after a pagan, Sumerian moon god. The Bible and the koran make several similar references which leaves a logical person to conclude that Allah is Satan. Muslims will tell you that Allah means God, because Allah says so.

    The Bible often refers to Satan as a deceiver. Revelations 12:9 “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Islam credits Allah with being the greatest of deceivers. Koran 3:54 – And they (the unbelievers) planned to deceive, and Allah planned to deceive (the unbelievers), and Allah is the best of deceivers.

  8. orange medo says:

    2:12 I'm a proud muslim. Islam is my religion. Bosnian is my nacionality.

  9. Mehrban Iqbal says:

    I am a Sunni Muslim and proud to be so

  10. kiefeestar slimes andhamsters says:

    I'm a Muslim

  11. Leo Mullins says:

    When I tried to read it I found the Quran chaotic to read. i.e. impossible to make sense out its ramblings. But what really bothered me was its broad antithapy to and often expressed hatred of non-Muslims. It didn't seem to be the religion of peace the MSM claim?

  12. ashaad khan says:

    Thank you for spreading truth

  13. Princess Laiba says:

    Your pronunciation is not that good. The way you said Islam. Z

  14. sleep walker says:

    I'am a Catholic but some of my relatives are islam.

  15. Lana Fayyad says:

    I am Muslim

  16. Syahirah Sharis says:


  17. Shaik Meharun says:

    i am muslim ☺️

  18. Shaik Meharun says:

    allah is most merciful

  19. Rimsha Nawaz says:


  20. Izza Aziz says:

    I am a muslim and I am proud of it

  21. Bullviper 98 says:

    Hahaha pisslam world's most hated religion flithy inhuman Terrorists ,the middle East needs more bombing

  22. suhail biz says:

    Facts that media or others wrong perspective about a religion….

  23. Ahmad Zghoul says:

    I read some comments and unfortunately many of them are attacking Islam, accusing this religion of terrorism, women abusement, inequality, etc. I just want to say something for everyone, please before attacking a religion, no matter it was Islam, Christianity, or any other religion, please read about it, read its holy book, try to speak with true followers of that religion and understand from them what the religion is all about, then think of attacking it.
    Terrorism has no religion nor beliefs, no true religion can allow any kind of abuse and inequalities, and all that.
    We are Muslims, and we are not terrorists, we believe in Muhammad pbuh and in Jesus and Moses, they are all prophets of Allah who wanted to show the whole world where the right path is so everyone would go to eternal heavens.
    Respect to everyone and every opinion out there, peace be upon all humanity

  24. Mohammad Junaid says:

    you have a beautiful background music

  25. Mohammad Junaid says:

    I am Muslim from India

  26. mohz ahmd says:

    There is no two muslims what the hel are u talking shias are not islam they just like christian how can shia bcme when they abuse the azhabs and prphhet

  27. joe itim says:

    Jihad according and at the action of Prophet Muhammad is a Holy war to fight the non Muslim where ever you can find them. After all according to Muhammad, his god Allah is the only one that has the right to be worship. So anyone who doe not fight and gets killed for the sake of Islam are Hypocrites, even if your a builder of Mosque. Now tell me Mr. why are blacks like you in Islam associated with slave? And please show me in a country or intance where a white Muslim Arab or white Muslim girl marry a black Muslim men? And what is one thing good in Islam that helps humanity? Anyone can answer?

  28. Yeganeh Kordi says:

    I'm muslim

  29. Zintu 380 says:

    I m Muslim . And..I respect all religions around the world

  30. Gashaw Jalal says:

    iam islam and islam is pease

  31. Moussy Rc says:

    Im going to pray right now!

  32. Moussy Rc says:

    Now is ramadan and i am fasting right now it means to not eat until 7:00pm

  33. Moussy Rc says:

    I am muslim and sala is praying

  34. leila bekhelifa says:

    I am suni Muslim

  35. Fadumo Abdiqadir says:


  36. Binay lakandri says:

    Hi! FTD Facts I want U to make a vdo on Indian Gorkha who is fighting for der identity…..

  37. Zamzam Abdi says:

    I am a muslim m.a